Baby GSC auto seedling questions

So this baby is two days old.

I have 2x4 tent with 300L R spec light at 30 inches turn down to lowest level possible. Two infinity T 60 inline fans set on 1 for both fresh air and exhaust. Using Happy Frog soil. No nutes given at all.

Currently the temp is ave about 75-78 degrees and humidity with dome is 86 %.

Questions are is the light at the right height and is the humidity level under the dome sound right? How about temps?

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She looks great.

Thanks it’s so little :joy:. What do you think about the settings?

Looks normal to these eyes… just watch for extreme stretching of the seedling to indicate not enough light.

Temperature/humidity is in the range of what others on here have said.

So it looks like you are going in the right direction.

So exciting to see your little babies and know that someday they’ll be all grown up.

I had almost a dumpster fire on two of my seedlings and yet they are turning out fine. Your’s are far better looking than 2 of these were. Here’s mine


Looks great so far. I suspect you will need to increase light intensity a little bit sometime very soon. The lowest setting at 30" I’m guessing is below 200 PPFD. Like @VirginiaGrowBoy said, watch for extreme stretching. I actually like to let my seedlings stretch a little bit. You’ll appreciate it later on when the lowest branches aren’t right there above the soil level making it more difficult to water. Just don’t let them get too tall and thin right away. If you see that starting, either lower the height a little, or increase the intensity a bit.

How did you start them, are they in their final pots or will you be transplanting them?

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I would leave the dome off and let that soil dry out (looks pretty wet) I don’t dome small plants with the exception of when cloning

Thanks for feedback. I started by soaking 24 hours and then did paper towel in a zip lock puffed up with air. Cracked within 36 hours. It’s been 48 hours since I put in Happy Frog. Just turned light up a little bit. It’s a HLG 300 r spec so I was worried about it being too powerful for it at this stage. You guys think no?

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Well it certainly is far too powerful if you crank it up too high, but dimmed down you’re fine. Which style dimmer knob does your R spec have? The kind that’s free turning so you can stop anywhere, or the one where it kind of clicks from one setting to the next?

It clicks. Not dim able to off though.

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Super Nice. I can only hope it get there! Are those auto flower? Just trying to gauge size as it grows. How many weeks to get to the point where they are now?

Ur temp and humidity is right for seedlings thats around were i have my humidity and temperature seedlings and for veg i drop my humidity down to 65-70%

@Preydrive, I just set my 300Rspec on the first click and measured PPFD at 30 inches, it only read 125. Not all drivers are set exactly the same from the factory, so yours might be a little different, but I suspect you need to increase power a bit. On the 2nd click at 30 inches mine is reading 225, and that seems more appropriate. How is she looking this morning, any stretching?

Moved the light down to 20 inches and have it on the second click since last night. Thoughts

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Looks fine to me not stretching to much good colors