Baby Back Ribs, 2-2-1 smoked on the grill, Memorial Weekend & Race Day 2017

Here we go. Started about 0900 with a double pack of ribs from the local grocery. This pack was about $20-

I was gonna get them from the local butcher but I waited too long.

I use the cool grill serface as a work space, covered with foil. Easy to cleanup!

getting ready to remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs. Edge of the spoon to get under and then grip with a paper towel and off it comes!

Cover with spicey mustard rubbed on and then cover with the rub!

Flip them over and do the money side! I had to cut them to get them onto the grill like I like, but it makes them easier to handle too!

All the ingredients!

Here we go about 30 minutes in

You can see the thermometer probe in the upper right corner of the grill and the can on the left side has chunks of apple wood in it that provides the smoke. I need to add more now!

@everyone too bad that doesn’t work!

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So 2-2-1 ribs is 2 hours in the smoke at 200-230 degrees. Then two hours in an aluminum pan with some apple cider vinegar and other spices so they really get done up. The last hour is back into the smoke to firm up after their two hour bath!

Here they are at the one hour mark!

You can see the apple wood smoke coming out of the can!


I’m in NH . Just tell me where and when!! lol


I know right! I love bb ribs!

Here they are after 2 hours at 200-230 degrees

Into their aluminum pans for the next two hours

All wrapped up for the next two hours!


Just looking at those is making me hungry!

Omg that looks so nice

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Looking really good brother, lets get smoked :wink:

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I’m already smoked!

The ribs had to come off a little shy of 2 hours to make the drive to my son’s house. Kept them panned and put them on the grill for another 20 minutes or so.

Now they are out of the pan and should be ready to go in about an hour’s or so. I’m looking for the meat to pull back away from the bones!

Thanks for your comments and compliments! Special thanks to @darren for the request to post this!

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starvin like Marvin

Comp.grade baby’s…
Oooooooh man,I’m drooling.

Looks bloody excellent dude.

We’re having fresh caught ling cod, fresh artichokes and…strawberry pie!

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looking good @bob31!!!

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Looks great ! Have a Happy Memorial Day. Jerry

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Thanks guys.

When they were done I had my hands full. My son and I split the leftovers but here’s what’s left!

And boy where they good!


That’s meal👍


I’m hurt you didn’t invite me to your cook out

Dam that looks so good…bet i could zoom in on that smell and be there in the morning…lmao

Have a great day bob and be safe

your friend


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Just because of this post - I stopped and Picked up a few Racks for the Grill -
Plus its moving day for the girls today they are going up to there deluxe 5 Gallon Air Pot Condo’s Later on today, (Would really help if i got the damm Room Cleaned and fixed first! So Ribs or Room? Thats easy, The room can wait

Tomorrow is another day @StormTrooperweed ! Lol. The good thing about the ribs is once the prep is done and they are smoking you have two hours to do there things. I also use a remote thermometer! Worth every penny!


I know this was awhile back, but I was wondering how much vinegar did you use? Enough to cover the ribs?


No worries. I just use a squirt bottle and give each rack a couple of squirts. A little honey is nice too! @straytrout