Babies getting settled in. How do they look?

What’s up everyone? Just started an indoor grow and haven’t posted here in quite some time. I’m running 3 photos. Two pineapple chunks and one strawberry cough.

4x4 grow tent
Mars Hydro TSW 2000 at 28 inches away dimmed to 150w
Temps: 75-80 degrees

Strawberry cough in the circle container is in Fox Farm Ocean forest.

Pineapple chunk in square container is in CoM Stonington with added worm castings and perlite.

Pineapple chunk #2 in white container is in Fox Farm happy frog as is.

The strawberry cough is 14 days from germ and looks small IMO and has some funky leaves. She germinated quick and then halted growth but has picked it up the few days so I still have hope.

Pineapple chunk in the square container is 7 days old. And the Pineapple chunk in the white container is 6 days old.

I’ve been watering with RO water mixed with 1ml of liquid seawood and the pH has been between 6.2 and 6.8


Lookin good

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Im still pretty new, but they look healthy to me… just give em love & patience :relieved:

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Thank ya!

I appreciate it! Patience for me is definitely key lmao


They are looking really good!! Let the fun begin happy growing :blush::v:

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Thank you!

There looking good but if u have seaweed liquid fertilizer mix two mls in a litre of water and feed ur plants with that it will promote good root growth and development aswell ad make ur plants grow a bit faster


Looking good Growmie, a little leaf variegation but no concerns she’ll grow out of it. Medium looks a little dry :love_you_gesture:


Thank you! I actually have a 1 liter spray bottle with 1ml of the liquid seawood. I went a little light because I wasn’t sure how strong it would be but I’ve heard and read it was full of microbes and trace minerals. I’ve considered using it as a foliar spray per the manufacturer’s recommendation but have not yet.

Thank you! These pics were actually right before lights off so I didn’t want to water. So far I’ve been watering with a spray bottle and trying to keep the top layer of soil moist and give a little more of dry back period. I’ve had really bad issues with over watering in the past and almost feel like now I’m under watering lol

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U should use it

The older one could probably use a little more water than the younger 2. Personally I would cover the 2 smaller ones with a clear solo cup to create a humidity chamber and mist the inside. They absorb the moisture through their leaves and water a shot glass amount of water outside the cup every 2-3 days. Remove the dome daily for fresh air and misting and remove completely around day 12-14 and transplant if autos :love_you_gesture:


Just a little update. The soil seemed dry and the containers were lighter so I watered all 3 with RO water mixed with liquid seaweed.

The strawberry cough received 2 shot glasses of water and the two Pineapple chunks received one each. The strawberry coughs first set of serrated seem like they’re trying to get a bit crispy on the edges, doesn’t seem like too much of an issue and new growth looks pretty good. I did notice a little bit of leaf curling/canoeing on one leaf of the new growth so I raised my small fan so it wasn’t directly on them but enough to keep them moving slightly to see if that helps with possible wind stress.

Both pineapple chunks seem like they’re chugging along.

Temps have been between 75-80 degrees
RH between 60-68%

Light still 28 inches at 150w.

Nice work! Looking good Growmie :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you! They seem like they’re picking up speed cause every time I check now they look a little bigger lol. I can tell a difference just from when I first posted. Especially the pineapple chunk in the square container

Just another water update, soil looked dry and containers were light. Plants had a very slight droop to them, I checked the soil past first knuckle of my index finger and it was a little dry but not completely so I was a little hesitant to water but I did anyway.

All 3 plants were watered with RO water mixed with liquid seawood.

Strawberry cough received two shot glasses full.
Both pineapple chunks received one and a half shot glasses full.

After watering I noticed a little more drooping and my first thought was I over watered. After waiting a couple hours I noticed they have perked back up. I may try to squeeze out an extra day in the dry back period unless they present other wise once the soil dries.

Temps still remain 75-80 degrees
RH: 60-65%
Light was raised to 30 inches and still at 150w

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Just a little update. The girls got a little water last night due to looking a little droopy, after an hour or two they perked back but not quite all the way. They looked more perky today after more time went by. I think they are starting to fill out their starter pots. I just got some 1 gallon nursery pots and will be transplanting them either tomorrow or Thursday before transplanting them into their final 5 gallon fabric pot.

I noticed what may be a slight deficiency on the pineapple chunk in the square container. I think I was possibly under watering these girls as they always responded well to slightly more water.

They have been getting RO water mixed with liquid seawood. I will start introducing Fish Sh!t and compost teas once they are transplant as well as mycorrhizae.

Temps: 75-82 degrees
RH: 55-65%

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Looking good Growmie. What medium are you using and Personally I would transplant to their forever home versus 2 transplants. Give me some info on your set up. Notice you’re using RO water is your tap source bad? Do you have a PH and TDS pen for upcoming nutrients and testing run off :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you! I’ll be transplanting into Coast of Maine Stonington blend and I’m going to add around 20% more perlite and maybe some worm castings. I’m trying to do the organic route. As far are nutrients go, I have Coast of Maines 5-2-4 plant food and their Bud booster for flowering. I also have Down to Earth 4-4-4 and the 4-8-4 flower depending on which I decide to use.

I’m using RO water because from the looks my county’s water report they use Chloramine and I figured this would just be easier in the long run in trying to eliminate that. Plus my pH was running on the higher side around 8. With the RO buddie (no deionizer) it’s been around 6.2 and with the added liquid seaweed it sits between 6.5 and 6.6

The reason I wanted to transplant into 1 gallon pots is because I’m afraid of overwatering still. That’s been my biggest issue in the past. I agree with you on putting them into their forever homes.

I do have a Apera pH pen and Blue lab pH soil tester. My TDS meter is a cheap one lol. I hope that since I’m going mostly organic I don’t have to worry too much about pH. My goal is to keep plenty of microbes in the soil and let them do most of the work.

I’m in a 3x3 grow tent with a Mars Hydro TSW2000
AC Infinity T4 4” fan for exhaust
Vivosun 4” fan as a intake fan. (Set on low)


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