Award winning genetics? Who and where?

Ive been trying to research where some of the best genetics are coming from and the searches are all over the place. Everyone on here has been very helpful, so what better place to ask than people thar grow all the time. So the question being. What places are recognized as having some of the best genetics and where can you purchase seeds from them?


The thing about seeds is the actual genetics of each single seed is a random mix of DNA from pollen and flower. Even when a female plant is forced to produce pollen and that is used to pollenate the original plant or its clones the DNA is still randomized, but just in a smaller group of variations. The only way to get award winning genetics is to get a clone from the actual plant that won a contest.
Then thinking about a contest itself…
Judges pick the strain they like best. Do you and your friends all like the same beer? Wine? Pizza?
Personal preference is a huge factor in judging things like food or cannabis.
If you are interested in genetic factors like heartiness, resistance to mold, producing a large harvest, then again, genetics can work for or against in each single seed.
I am sure you will get a lot of answers from everyone. But genetics are not perfectly stable and seeds I order today will be slightly different the next time I order even if I order the same strain from the same supplier. Seed sellers are all over right now and new ones crop up every day. Each claims to be great.
The best advice I can give is grow photoperiod plants and when you find a plant you love then keep it alive by re-vegging it and cloning it. I have two that I kept and are two years old and still making plants for me.


Award winning, closest thing on awards i know was from old High Times magazines and Cannabis Cups.

Fast forward today, i currently do not know of a publication to read on cannabis to keep up in todays time.

I want potency and smoothe smoke.  Simple.

As mentioned, judging is random, based on ones own personal likes.

Thus i selected a seed bank that has been around along time to select our seeds.

Positive feed back and internet research was first, now it comes first hand from you guys, through everyones results.

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