Autos grown outside in soil

Yesterday I harvested 5 autos that I started indoors and transplanted to my garden. I normally grow 100% organic outdoor photo plants, so this was new. I am impressed with how easy they are to grow and would like to grow more next year. I’m in NorCal with ideal outdoor conditions/soil. Since they don’t get real big, I’m toying with the idea of planting them like a row crop, with some support. Has anyone tried this? Thanks!


Welcome @shugg awesome grow! I’m
Not an outside grower myself, but I’ve seen most people space them out about 10ft apart outdoor plants can get pretty large towards the end of their season.


I think you could do that spacing would be the issue 10 feet on Autos seems like a lot but 3 or 4 feet if your doing it like a row crop but autos do their own thing could be 12 inches or 6 feet if you try it I will follow along

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I have only tried photos outside and they do get big. I’ll be growing autos inside this winter.

Best to you!

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