Autos 12/12 from germ

This spring, I plan on squeezing in one final, just for fun grow. I plan on using all my freebie auto seeds & doing a 10 plant sog. I’ll have a photoperiod plant going into bud, so I was thinking of trying the autos at 12/12 from the start.

My question is: does “12/12 from the start” mean from the start-start, or after a week of 24/0 light? I feel stupid for asking, but hey…

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I dunno I would think anything less then 20hours your cheating your autos for there potential

It is a known technique for autos, heck, even for an extreme photo sog. Also, it is an experimental grow, using freebie seeds, and a necessity if I want to squeeze in a 3rd grow for my grow season. :grinning:

So, anybody know the answer to my question?

I think @MattyBear has done something similar to this.

I know there are a few I’ve seen mention it. I guess I could go search through the topics, but sometimes it’s more fun to start a new discussion, especially in our new Auto section. :grinning: This will be a good place to keep 12/12 lighting questions for autos.

I think one of the mods uses 12/12 start to finish, too. I can’t remember who, though. @hogmaster, is it you?

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I’ve ran autos on 12/12 from seed and they seemed to love it. Hauled just as much as other light schedules and used less electric throughout

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That’s great to hear, @MattyBear! My last grow of the season (mid March start) will be a sog of freebie auto seeds run 12/12, germ to harvest. I’ll have a landrace sativa photoperiod plant blooming in a tent next door (connected via vent holes), so 12/12 is definitely a necessity if I want to squeeze out several more ozs.

Less electric is also nice.


I imagine you’d see more stretch, but that’s a good thing under the qb’s though.

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