Autopots first time setup

So I am getting ready to try autopots for the first time. I have a couple questions for you guys.

I have two of the one pot xl version with the aqua 5 valve.

The first issue that I have is that my 2x4 Mars hydro tent’s lowest access port is 28 inches from the bottom so, running the lines is going to be an issue. The simplest solution is to close the zippers around the bottom corner and that should work well enough. My only other option would be trying to put a rivet and then grommet into the bottom corner of the tent.

My second question is whether I need to get any different additives right now I use Jack’s 321 and my additives are botanica silica blast, tribus, New millennium Ruby fulvic, tribus, and lumina that I use just to get the pH down if I need to. Do I need to change anything or have a different product to keep the reservoir stable and clean?

I have some recharge and I know that’s a bad idea to put that in the reservoir but from what I’ve read I can add that directly to the bottom of the pot. What I haven’t been able to find out is how much to use if doing it that way.

I’ve seen some grows where people have a valve for each pot. I’d like to avoid any extra connections if I can, just more opportunities for leaks but if it’s necessary I’ll add them. It’s only going to be two plants so I should just go without them is my plan.

This is the way I am planning to orient the pots with one sideways to have less bends in the feed line and less line used overall and less I’ll have to clean out.

Any suggestions are recommendations are welcome!

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This is the medium that I plan on using I still have some left over from my last grow.

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I would not use that medium as it contains fertilizers. Coco or Promix (peat) with hydroton in the bottom two inches.

You would be fine to place the reservoirs on a stand that matches the height of your entry on the tent.

You can also simply top-feed any supplements you want to use that you don’t want in the rez.


I have just cut a small x shaped hole in the side of the tent, and run a hose through the hole. You can seal it up with some black silicone sealant, and this will let place the penetration at the correct height. You can also use the sealant close up the hole if you no longer need it.
I would suggest that you just use Jacks 321 and silica. This runs very clean, and with very little cleaning of the reservoir. Organics require a lot of maintenance with the AutoPots, and this kinda defeats the purpose of the system.
Canna coco brick is very good quality. The plastic bag that it comes in, is made for mixing in the water. It is very handy to get the coco stared, and for storing unused coco. A brick goes a long ways. You can order it from Walmart for about $35 with free shipping.

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If i was to use this. I would mix in a good amount of perlite. Like 2 parts perlite 6 parts medium. medium. Water and beneficials only. By the time they are big enough to put on the rez you can probably start some nutes i would assume. Just my 2 cents :v::dash::dash: