Autopot, mixed grow. Steep learning curve

So here go’s…

Setup as follows :

Garage setup
1.2 x 2.4m tent (4x8)
8 x 15l single autopots (3.9gal) Coco, perlite, lecca 1" at the bottom
EHG nutes (local product) cocomicro, grow, bloom trio
4 x 240w MW drivers, QB’s, Samsung lm301h 3500k with added 660nm
1 x 240w, QB,

Samsung lm301h 4000k with added 450nm
1 x t5 (2x2ft tubes 27w 6500k)
Carbon filter on 4" inline extractor fan, passive intake, exhausted into the ceiling
PH pen
EC pen

Plants currently are 4 x blue widow fem(DF)
1 CBD+ fem(DF) 1 x bagseed (transplant from outdoors lol, just interested to do a side by side comparison with bag vs commercial genetics) 2 x Girl Scout Cookies auto(NirvanaSB)

In a nutshell so far I think I have managed to get back on track after pretty much making most of the beginner mistakes brought up on this forum so frequently…

Perhaps premature but I started compiling my list for the grow based on my interest in the autopot system. The usual pros looked appealing like the gravity fed system for feeding so I could be away for a couple days without the need to fertigate etc.

Started with 4xCBD and 4xBW, shot glass, zip lock paper towel. 100% germ and transplant into 12cm plastic pots. T5 as first light.
This is where things started to go South…
I was still compiling my grow equipment but thought I would get a head start on germinating the seeds. Don’t do this read plenty of grow journals!
I planted the sprouts in unwashed, unbuffered, uncharged Coco /perlite and things looked good for a couple days. I had read that seedings only needed clean water to start and watered with store bought bottled water (did not pH)

The coco would not drain as I think there was too much Coco ‘dust’ in the mix and 3 CBD sprouts damped off. Then was the mission after some investigation to try and fix the pH and nutrient issues without again overwatering the medium. Seedings were showing signs of being under fed with lime green /yellow leaves.
I foliar fed them with a calcium rich mixture of Plantos Verde which I had immediately available and they seemed to really need it as they greened up after. Over the course of the next couple weeks I had to try and slowly rectify issues that those initial mistakes had caused and definitely feel like I have lost a lot time with stunted and slow growing plants by trying to get the plants in the ground asap without enough research beforehand.

I transplanted into final 15l pots with washed Coco precharged and buffered. Roots were looking good and I was actually surprised how many there were almost to the point of getting root bound in the small pots.
Moved the girls into the tent and put them under one of the red boards at 100% power. I Initially followed the manufactures recommendations of light hanging distance of 45 - 60 cm but got some light burn, so lifted it up to 80cm.
I germinated 3 GSC autos to fill the available pots. 2 of the 3 germinated, and I managed to break the tap root off 1 while planting in its pot. :expressionless:. Germinated 1 more to fill the gap so it’s a week or so younger than the other GSC. It turns out that this was a mutant with a triple/single? leaf pattern
All the plants have taken to their new pots and are looking happy.
I have topped the fems twice each and removed the lower damaged leaves from earlier. Given them a week or so to recuperate and have been top feeding them every 4/5 days as I watch the moisture in the Coco. They are on the manufactures recommended schedule of 7ml of each micro, grow bloom with added Calmag. Top feeding is producing consistent values so far on runoff.In pH 6.0 EC 1.2. 20% runoff pH 5.9 EC 0.9. Humidity swinging between 40 and 70%!

Received my new veg light and installed it in the tent. Currently 50cm above the canopy running at 50%ish power as per my eyeballs and 1/4 turn on the potentiometer. They are loving it and feeding well. It feels like only recently they have just found their stride and are praying beautifully.

Yesterday the roots came out of the bottom of the pots so I added the root control disks to the trays

Not sure if I can actually trim off the roots that have grown through or if the control disk will stop the roots that have already emerged?

Temps have been cold at night which I think has contributed to the slow growth. Tent fluctuating between 18C-26C during the day and 10C-15C at night.

So the plan is to have a flowering tent with 8 pots and 4 red QB’s and a veg tent with space for clones under the t5 and an auto8 under the blue QB for veg. Reservoir for each tent but top fertigate in veg until plants are large enough.

From left top GSC #2 mutant, bottom GSC #1, bagseed top , CBD bottom . 4 on the right BW

It has been a steep learning curve with plenty more to come I’m sure but have been thoroughly enjoying the ride so far. Have read some fantastic journals over the past few weeks with notable mentions being @Hellraiser and @Screwauger


Welcome to the forum. I will have to re read this in the morning. One thing I see right off is you don’t need the lights at full power in veg. I my self only run 55w - 110w for almost all of veg. I am in coco and autopots as well. @Nicky is in auto pots as well. The roots will grow through the liners. That is no big deal. Do you have the pots running now? I am guessing so since they pots are in the trays.


GSC#1 Auto

GSC#2 Auto mutant about a week younger than #1

Bag Seed reg

CBD+ fem (always had this weird twisted growth, even it’s main stem was kinked when it sprouted)

One of the BW fem


Hey @Not2SureYet. Pots have been handwatered to this point and have not been turned on yet, thinking of getting an auto8 tray and putting them all in there as soon as the GSC#2 joins the rest on the same nute level. I’ve got time at home now over lock down to handwater so really wanted to make sure the roots have reached the bottom of the pots.

I have my veg light running on ±50% power (I think) will get a watt meter when I can to confirm. The Blue widow in particular is very compact with very close node spacing which I think is a combination of genetics, stunting from the hell I put them through when they sprouted and too much light initially under the red QB running full power. I reduced the power when I swapped out to the blue QB and they all seem happy for the time being…

Appreciate the advise, glad to have you follow along


Picked up an auto8 today, have moved the plants into it in my purple Tent, as it has humidity(only a humidifier, no dehumidifier) and temperature controlled. Now I can start to setup the left tent for flowering and piece together my plan for a semi perpetual grow…

Right tent is set to constant 24C/75f although it will go a few degrees higher during the afternoon. . I left the driver in the tent on the veg light to supplement heat and assist the oil heater.


Love these lights! Kept the drivers out of the flowering tent as heat is definitely going to be an issue down the line… I did find that a small fan blowing over the heatsinks reduced the heat a lot. When I had one blowing over the veg light with the driver on top, the driver was only warm consistently, with no fan it would get incredibly hot by the end of the day


Nice setup. Feel free to tag me for any questions


Interested to see this, tagging along✌🏼

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Humidity seems to have settled into a range of 38%-55% in the veg tent without any external adjustments. I am hoping that the warmer environment is going to get them moving along. Will still end up with a temp fluctuations when they move across to the other tent, really would like to see some colours coming through on the buds. The Blue Widow needs a drop of around 10C to show her colours apparently and I think that will happen this time of year

Topped the bag seed, to try keep it in check a little as it is streaking ahead of the indica dominant BWidows.

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Well my lst became hst when I snapped my CBD at the main top… Have taped her up, hopefully she will recover. Was a bit heavy handed trying to get the tape in there but we shall she how she reacts.


Do you have industrial controls (PLC) controlling your temp and RH? Damn dude, you are making us look bad.


Haha, they’re pretty cheap controllers. Just a lot more accurate than the timers /thermostats on space heaters/humidifiers. And you can set a range for the fluctuation if you need to keep it a bit more natural, so temp for example will be set at 24C with a 3C difference, so heater will turn on at 21C and turn off at 24C.

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Question @Hellraiser @Nicky do you leave your fans on constantly or only during lights on?

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Constant, want to keep air moving all the time.



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Fans on all the time.
Duct fans that pull air out of the tent are on a controller that goes on or off depending on humidity or temperature

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I run a AC infinity line and they try to control the set up but I’m hooked directly to a AC trunk line so it just up. I turn min max off and set my temps at min 77 high 73 and it runs In between those. What controllers are these? How are these powered? Direct wiring? Or? And is there a thermal probe that comes with or?

I love how you ran your drivers outside the tent. I run mine inside, and a fan constantly running over both boards. Usually they are even, but I moved a seedling under my 100W light. We have similar set ups tho, yours is just on a larger scale with bigger controls/ tents. I’m about to move mine to a building that I am currently insulating, and cooking that is off my property instead of in my house as previously decided. I’m following. :metal:t2: (Sorry if pics are sideways. The app messes up


The temp controller is a stc-1000(around $8.50) humidity controller dhc 100+ (around 15 or so I think) each comes with a probe and wires to mains. Have a look online more info than I can give here.

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Ok sweet. That’s cheap. I like my temp controller and it’s accurate, and it comes with another port for another fan, but I am going to need something better in my building. And I’ll check online ! Thanks man

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