Autoflowers light cycle

I currently have two White Widow autoflowers in flower for about 3 weeks or so, is it okay to go to 12/12 light cycle or should they stay at 18/6?

From what I understand you can go to 12/12 but it is recommended to stay at 18/6.

One other thought: if you do decide to flip to 12/12, you need to provide the same amount of light that you do at 18/6. 12/12 is 50% less light time than 18/6 so you’ll have to increase intensity by about 50% to make up for it.

Not having a strong enough light can be a decision point on wether to grow autos or photos. Some lights just can’t generate that intensity.

Then, dealing with the added heat that increased intensity will produce needs to be taken into consideration even if it’s a shorter time period.

They will flower and grow under 12/12 but some say they won’t fill out quite as much. If you dont have to switch their schedule, I wouldn’t. Otherwise whats the point of having an autoflower as someone pointed out to me…

I would leave them at 18/6 unless you have a stubborn one that won’t flower then go to 12/12.

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