Autoflowers, Jacks, slf-100

If using slf-100, will it decrease the amount of runoff needed when watering?

Autoflowers, 100% coco, 3 gallon bags, RO water, jacks 321, recharge, epson, silica & slf-100.

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Be careful using as it contains nutrients as well as bacteria. You do not want your salt levels to get too high. With autos you want to be around 800 ppm.

And no; it won’t make any difference on runoff.


Dang, I was hoping to reduce water usage. From what I’ve read, slf-100 breaks down the salts. But I also read the runoff is for more than the just salts. I haven’t found it stated flat out, but piecing together comments it appears the flush is also keeping the nutrients at the correct concentrations in the media.

Their add says… “Thanks to a proprietary blend of naturally occurring enzymes, SLF-100 is pH neutral in concentrated form and has NO added sugars or NPK.”

1/2 teaspoon per gal, once a week, is what they advertise, does this apply to real world application?

As far as that goes, is there a consensuses on slf-100 and how well it works?


Never used it but there are other microbial infusions available. Just watch your EC when you use it.



Exactly, runoff keeps the nutrient ratios more balanced and removes salts, it’s wasteful but coco really is a great medium to run.

Water minimum once a day to runoff and test input and runoff. Don’t let your runoff exceed 300ppm over your feed. If this occurs feed at a lesser ppm.

If your runoff is less than your feed, Feed more.

Let the plant tell you want it wants.

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You might also add some Mykos for beneficial fungi in the media.

In general it’s recommended to flush coco as it tends to sequester calcium. That said, I’ve been running Autopots with coco and never felt the need to flush. Plants stayed green and vibrant all the way to harvest.