Autoflowers Flowering at day 34 ? Please help with diagnosing My First Grow

Ok This is my ladies at the end of week 5 and day 34 from seed.

I’ve recently noticed a faint smell of cheese/yeast and Basil ?

My bet would be Pre-Flowering or Early Flower.

But please have a look at them and have your say.

10 Pictures follow. Taken Right after watering. (Natural Light)

PS. Soil Runoffs Ph. Dropped from 6.01 on the last watering to 5.77 on tall plant and 5,8 on the short plant.
PPM today is 964 and 1042.
Am I Overfeeding for the stage of growth they took nearly half a gallon of water each today before producing runoff.
I have removed humidifier for now and waiting for my dehumidifier and SCROG net to arrive from eBay next week.

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It’s not really early if they are 5 weeks , I’m about even with you as far as progress and mine started preflowering last week. Keep in mind that autos are estimated to go from seed to harvest in 10 to 12 weeks. Although most of the journals I read say it’s closer to 100 to 110 days. As far as the water half a gallon isn’t bad mine take the whole gallon and I try to keep my ppm at closer to 1500.

Hey Skorpion

I’m glad you’re doing well too

My Autos are one of the Fastest Auto’s available 7 weeks Seed—>Harvest Time Breeder (Guarantee)

But as you say they are about to go 100 day’s It’s awesome as it means more bud :slight_smile:

After reading your reply Yesterday I’ve upped my Nutes so my runoff now on small plant is 1435 PPM

but the Issue began with PH as it dropped from 6.0 to 5,65 especially that I grow in Coco-Coir and that might become a problem later on If they continue to flower up to day 100.

Should I Flush or just feed PH Balanced Water for the time being ?

Another Issue is Taller Plant is only 12 inches from the lights already and I can only up them by another 12 inches or they hit the carbon filter.

Ordered SCROG net to save myself from disaster as this plant grows as tall as Jack Herer. :astonished:

Yet would not top it not to stun it during the Flowering period as it is Autoflower and should not be HST ed at all.

For Coco I’ll let @Nicky answer that. But to can always tie a plant off if growth get too much @MrPeat does it all the time.

@2Fast You can bend the branches over. Secure the branch and let them gain some weight aka flower. When it look heavy enough, I will release the branch. It usually takes about 1 week and its good to go…up to 2 weeks rarely but it has happened before.

Another technique would be to basically mash the branch carefully. This will allow the branch to be contained. I don’t like doing this as it will stunt the plant for a week or so. The branch will basically be a limp noodle and it won’t kill the plant if careful. Again,Ii hate mashing a branch.

I will tie ropes all throughout my tent when needed. I also have a PVC set up that I can use to help change the plant from going vertical to growing horizontal. Yes, I have grown Horizontal plants and its a lot of fun. And I have plenty of zip ties one small and another pack big.

I don’t have a monster plant at the moment but when it is, I will tag you.



Personally I have only ran coco in autopots but I’ve seen lots of people use coco via top feed.
Your numbers not that bad 5.8-6.1 for coco
So just give it some ph’d water and wait it will be fine.

As for training a plant, you want to do training methods in the veg state not in flower.
Just get creative but remember that plants will stretch 20-40% when they go into flower so if your worrying about height now ide be getting that under control asap


Thanks guys

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Love your sense of smell 2Fast lol. Mine are doing the exact same right now. Looks like your pH is a bit low. Would want that to get up 6.5-7.0 especially for flowering. Veg is ok 6.0-6.5 Your not overfeeding at those PPM, most well water is higher lol. Use dolomite lime, dissolve in water and flush through.