Autoflowering first grow

Hi there! I am waiting on my first seeds. Can anyone give me advice on whether I can sprout and grow Autoflowering seeds next to a window? Without needing a grow tent? Will they bud?

I’m in Australia too. NSW. When is best time to start normal seeds and auto seeds do you think from your experience?

You can start them next to a window but you will have problems with smell… Definitely you will harvest some weed but I don’t know how much they will give you.
You can start autoflowering strain when you want, them are not influenced by the light period.

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Thanks…yeah smell i forgot :frowning: won’t be able to.
Does anyone know the smallest amount of light in Watts you could use in a grow tent? Preferably someone from Australia so i can work out if landlords would notice electricity increase or not.

I recommend led light because are cheap and low cost whit energy.
You need at least 35-50w true watts per square foot. So if you are want to buy a led light look for the real power. I personally have a meizhi 450w(192w real) for 2x2x5 grow box .
You have a neighbor/country who makes a lot of cheap products :wink:.


@M4ur thanks for that. So at 35 to 50 W how many lights do you think for a tent with 2 plants in it?

I think you need 2x300w(Mars hidro, meizhi…).
Is best to have 2, so if something is wrong with one you will have the second one :+1:
Also you need to look for a carbon filter, you will need it when your girls will flower.

@M4ur thanks… although I’m confused now anout the lights. You said 35 to 50 W LaED then 2 x 300 w. Excuse my ignorance but that doesn’t make sense to me. …

Sorry. Did you mean that 35 to 50 W per sq foot equals approximately 300 x 2 for the space of the tent?
That’s unfortunately a huge bill that landlords will notice so I’ll stick with outside.

You can go whit one 300w (130w real) and grow 1 plant.
And whit this formula you can see what is the costs for your quality medical marijuana! :+1:



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