Autoflower Zkittlez, flower after 35 days

Very awesome. I’m out of opinions! Now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the rest of the show :clap:


How does my zkittles auto look at 23 days? Thankz for any input u may have

That was about the size of mine at 23 days. I’d wait for an expert to chime in, but I think you should start training that and getting it spread. Probably will go into flowering soon and you want all the leafs/future bud sites getting hit.

Cool thanks. Should i lay her down almost?

45° was what I was suggested for autos

The plant flowered early most likely because it was stressed, which caused them to flower early. To reduce stress, and thus the chance for stress related issues, some people advise to never transplant autoflowers.

Environmental issues, such as an excess or deficiency in nutrients or extreme weather conditions can stress out the plant as well, making it flower early.

Topping or pruning autoflowers is also a reason why the plant can change to its flowering stage a bit too soon.