Autoflower vs Feminized? Which to buy?

Hey guys, i just completed my first grow ever with 4 blueberry autos from ILGM and got a pretty nice yield from all four plants. About 2 1/2 ounces each and i am very satisfied! My question to my fellow growers is this, i want to purchase some more seeds and need some knowledge from more experienced growers. Will regular feminized seeds give a better yield at harvest time over an auto flower seed? After completing my first grow i feel more confident that i can grow a regular feminized seeds now and want to know if you all suggest i try them or stick with autoflowers? thanks guys @Aquaponic_Dumme @garrigan62 @Hawkeye_diesel @kabongster @Usmcjojo

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Why you don’t buy bought, auto and regular? :grinning:

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one feminized plant can supply as much as four autos given you control the length of the vegetative stage…it’s more patience and more work with the extra plant training and maintenance involved, though.

if there’s a bad start with the auto, you could end up with an unhealthy 5 inch tall flowering plant, they are not happy with stress.

some strains are still only available as feminized.

No one’s complaining about the quality of the medicine harvested from autos, there was a time in their beginning autos weren’t as potent.

it would come down to your comfort level, what you want to put into your garden, how long you want to wait, how much you want to play around with the plant and potential harvest.


@kabongster Thanks bro i really appreciate the knowledge! What feminized strain do you grow and what is your average harvest for an indoor feminized plant? i really want to place my order today but i need to figure out what strains to order an weather or not i am i am going to go Auto-flower or Feminized? i have room for 4 plants at a time and want to try to get as large a harvest as i can. I cant complain about my first grow with the blueberry autos as i ended up with 12.5 ounces off four plants but i would like to try to double that with the knowledge and experience i have now. i also upgraded my lights in the middle of my first grow to 2 600 watt leds that did a tremendous job flowering the first grow! thanks for the help!

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A feminized plant will yeild more than an auto. It comes down to vegetative growth, how long you want to veg the plant before you want it to flower. You could always get both. Right now I have 4 non autos and 1 auto goin in my tent now. You could always just throw an auto in the grow, so you can have some meds to hold you over till the fem plants mature and you harvest them.


This is what I really mean when I told him to buy bought… Him can put 2 regular and 2 auto or 3 to 1…nice @Hawkeye_diesel

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I recently harvested two Northern Lights at almost five months old, 4 feet + tall, topped a few times…one gave me 12+ ozs…I stressed the smaller one and it showed at the end.

I have Gold Leaf, flowered after 2+ months and grew OG Kush…all from ILGM.

I tried and failed with autos…started indoors and put outside too early, the nights where cold still and the daytime temps when they warmed up got too hot.
With their genetic timing, there was no chance to make up for a bad start.



Yes, feminized seeds will give a better yield at harvest time over an auto flower seed?
Just don’t buy to many or start to many at once cause you will get in over your head. Wait untill you have a few more grows under your belt before you do a large grow.