Autoflower - Time Based or Sunlight Based?

Confused on “outdoor” growing of autoflowers.

I thought they matured to harvest based on time? What I read on the internet suggest maturity is based on reduced sunlight (fall)?

—If based on shorter daylight hours to harvest, it makes me wonder about planting in early spring (staggered crops per season)?

Can any “outdoor auto” growers clarify.

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Autos flower when they become sexually mature, which is generally 4 to 7 weeks from seed. The flowering times cited are just that - flowering times. The clock on the 8 to 10 week flowering time begins when the plant starts flowering.

The “reduced sunlight” triggering of cannabis is irrelevant for autos. It refers to photoperiod plants only.


Thank you. I’m new to this and was thinking the same as what you wrote.

Therefore was confused on what I read and screen printed in the top of my post

Somebody messed up and put photoperiod information on the autoflower page. I find lots of mistakes in general information on cannabis websites. Midwest has you covered. The auto will finish on its internal timer and not the calendar.


Yes, I agree. Thanks for replying

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