Autoflower Pot Size and Nute

I plan on growing some autoflowering strains in some foxfarm ocean forest soil but I only have enough soil for 1gal pots. Will the 1gal pot size be horrible for them or will they work for now? They will be in that pot the entire time getting foxfarm trio nutes (I know a lot of people dont like them. Will I need anything other then the trio, the original soil, and good ph water? What should the water be at throughout the grow?

The bigger the pot, the bugger the root system. The bigger the root system, the happier the plant will be. I do my outdoor autos in 7 gal grow bags. PH needs to be about 6.4 after mixing nutes. Run off needs to be between 6.2 and 6.6 PH.

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They recommend 3 gallon pots for autos but smaller may work.
In a 1 gallon pot I would think they would struggle running out of root room. Also you would probably have to feed more as there is less soil mass and be precise on feeding as your dealing with 1 gallon of soil for their home where a 3 gallon has 3x the amount.
It may work with a one gallon pot but I’ve never tried through harvest…but fabric pots are couple bucks each and a 1.5 cu ft bag of soil will fill just over 3 three gallon pots.
Up to you but for $30-$40 more you may reap an additional ounce or two from the grow and what’s that worth to you? Especially after 3 months time it will take.