Autoflower plants

My autos after 2 months growing don’t show any trighcoms


Looks like they just started flowering recently. Patience is hard but the will start getting girth to them. What strain are they?


Thanks I appreciate the helping hands.

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Ak 47 og kush and something herer

I mean ak 47

i remember my first triplets were that age… such fond memories…mine are all grown up and almost ready say goodbye…remember these days when they are all grown up and you’re lighting them on fire…lol

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Jack Herer

You are about two weeks into flower. You have another 6 weeks or so to go.


Like the rest said, just more time.
They seem thin… What type of light & soil/ nutes are you using?

plants are small…but full 15" or so … maybe why they look small

all off brand lights…claim to be equal to a 625w…its a red, blue white LED panel 12"x8"
18 on-6 off

soil is just garden soil from a bag…
Nutes …“Tiger Bloom” 3 pack

The box is small …home made grow box 18"x18"x30"w/ Mylar lined w/adjustable shelf to raise and lower the plant (not the light).…44cfm 6"fan w/ carbon charcoal filter

here is are recent shots

IMG_6771 IMG_6772 IMG_6773

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Jungle going on there, I love it

You’ve got at least 4-6+ weeks left.

Tricomes do not show up right away. I too was also worried when pistils first appeared but they came on strong as the plant aged. There is not a lot of info about the timing of this, but just wait and they will start to develop.

Northern Lights Auto at 77 days

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Week 10, Six Shooter Auto

Week 11

They will come. Depending on the strain, you’ll get a blizzard or a light flurry, but they WILL come.