Autoflower nutrients help


I have a blue dream auto from ILGM
Germinated 11/2

And just transplanted into a 3 gallon fabric pot on 12/2

I been using FFOF soil
And water PH at 6.0
Nothing else

I have pf perfect line of nuts
Micro grow and bloom

My question is when should I start using them and how much do you recommend ?

2ml each into 1 L of water ph at 6.5?

Photo was taken 12/4
Two days after transplanting and LST


You should be good for a month with Ocean Forest. Up to 6 weeks.
I usually started feeding at a month at 1/2 strength to overlap the last of the food in the soil. Then at 6 weeks feed fully.


Begin testing your runoff PPM and start feeding when PPM dips below 1,000. As @Spiney_norman said, it is usually ~6 weeks from your last transplant.


In total agreement with the growmies :arrow_up:

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This is her last night

Am I tripping or the leaf have some slight blue color :joy::joy:


It’d be really cool if it does!!! :blue_heart:

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Hey growmie I seen your comment and was curious if you could tell me what you think this might be.

I’m wondering why the leaves are curling and if it’s a nutrient problem or environmental problem thanks in advance to you guys. This is day 46 and it’s an auto. Wedding cake. Also I was going to check the run off ppm next watering. I just did a top dress with down to earth nutes the 4-4-4 it’s been working great so far. I seen a lot of reviews saying it works well. I use DE to keep away the knats. The tent stays at 76 degrees and sitting at 65% humidity I been trying to drop it with w dehumidifier in the tent but it’s a cheap on and doesn’t work to expectations but it will get as low as 60 sometimes. I know this strain likes a little humidity throughout is what I heard. But any good knowledge is appreciated.:100::potted_plant:

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I have been making sure to let the medium dry basically completely before watering again. Once I check the soil ppm I think I’ll be able to see if they need more food. I was just curious what ppm you let your pre flowering plants sit at? I’m still new to this growing ordeal. Please help. Last time I checked the plant ppm for both the big ones were about 1400 ppm. So I’m hoping to not over do it.

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Ocassional drooping isn’t a problem. It is common around watering time and lights on/off.

This is the only grow I will do this but right now these plants are on a 24 hour light cycle.

I think that’s the reason I have been watering about ever 2 to 3 days recently

No rest for the weary

Damn your plant like doubled in size in 2 days from that lst ima try it

Your humidity is to high
I try to keep mine at 40-50%

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These wedding cake autos seem to be liking the humidity. It’s sitting around 59 right now. I heard they like higher humidity not dry environments but I’m not sure what they like the most. I know to drop the humidity when they hit flower but I also heard that they like a little bit of humidity when they are flowering.

Also I got a dehumidifier because the humidity was about 75 over a long period I couldn’t get the humidity down below 65 until I got the dehumidifier but now it gets as low at 57 on a good day. But them sitting at 65% hasn’t seemed to be doing any harm. Other than the deficiencies I’m currently encountering I think it’s calcium tho.

Both blue dream autos

I do about 2 liters of water every other day
Also adding 2mls of cal mag and
2 mls of fish shit
Front One of these is in 3 gallon fabric pot
Back in in a 5 fabric pot gallon

These started germ 11/2

First plant went into flowering 12/8

Day 49
I was doing one liter of water everyday up until this one started flowering

I had this same issue one I started adding water every day but once I started doing every other day
Water one day
And the next watering fish shit and cal mag and they look happy
Picture was taken last night