Autoflower lst question

I have 7 sour diesel auto and 1 wedding cake auto going in a 2.5x5 tent this is my 3rd round of autos in the last year. I’ve been trying various things in regards to training, topping, fiming, and nutes. This is the first time I’ve grown sour diesel(ilgm) so I have nothing to base this grow off of personally. The searches on the web have resulted with pictures of plants that were a bit larger in size, but I guess my question doesn’t pertain to the size of the plant or how to make it larger in a future grow. I’ve come to the realization with an auto you kinda get what you get.
My question on this particular plant is, since it had already started to flower @ 21 days from breaking ground and roughly only 10 inches tall and maybe a week after being topped and lst’d it only has a couple bud sites on each branch. Normally you would have more time to let the plant develop a bit more before you would switch the light schedule but being an auto it had done it on its own a bit early for my situation. Would you let it flower as it sits after the first lst or would you pull the branches down and let that lower bud site turn upwards as I’m showing in the second pic?

It will turn back up VERY quickly and anything you can do to get the canopy close to even is going to be a win.

Clearly the branch is flexible enough since you’re holding it over. Normally should be done a little earlier but given the circumstances I don’t think you have anything to really lose.

I vote do it.

This was 4 days ago and I pulled it over pretty much as soon as it was developed enough to facilitate bending it over. These stayed very squat and dense. In the last 2 days it went zero to 100 from veg to flower almost no time to allow training.

I like the quick turn around on the autos but maybe its time to make the switch. The first run i did I got anywhere from an ounce to 3 from each of my 8 plants this one is far smaller @ the switch to flower then any of my other plants. It kinda looks like a few of my others are about to show flower, they are also compact plants so I’m not expecting a huge yield out of these.
This time I went into bigger pots(2.5 gallon bucket) and I’m getting smaller plants
My other runs I ran 1 gallon pots because I was in a slightly smaller space(2x4) this time I could fit the buckets in easy hoping bigger pot bigger plant… maybe I go back to the smaller pots and pack em tight, bet I could get atleast 15 in there haha