Autoflower damage to leaves

I have two granddaddy purp autos that have started getting these brown spots all over there leaves and this shiny like substance on them any help would be greatly appreciated they Are flowering and I don’t want it to keep hurting there growth

If you look at the first picture you can see the glistening substance on the leaves and this is spreading across the plant along with the brown spots

I’d take a look at:

and then ask yourself about light distance, bugs, nutrients, calcium, magnesium, pH, etc and try to pin point what it could be. Have you applied any kind of foliar spray to it by chance?

Were they near the bottom if so it’s water damage, if you re deep into flower it could be phosphorus deficiency

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No I don’t apply any spray to the leaves just to keep from the humidity rising the brown spots are all over mainly where the shiny like substance is on the leaves soon as that shows up the leaves start dying I’m afraid it’s a type of fungus or mildew and where there flowering I don’t wanna spray them with anything thanks for the replys

I didn’t ask you about spray if it’s near the bottom you can get splash up or sit on the wet medium killing the leafs thatd also explain the substance since it could be fertilizer water.

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