Auto verses regular seds

Last year i successfully grew both Gorilla Glue and Purple Haz plants in the northeast US. i started them out indoors and moved them outside.These plants were not auto flowering. It was an unusual hot summer I’d say. The quantity was way more than I require FYI. I am ordering more seeds this year and wonder if I should order Auto flower, they seem to be rated as an easier grow. Thoughts on auto verses regular seeds in this case? Easier is better…but I was successful last year, outside of having to guard against bud rot late in the season. Actually I did lose quite a few buds my first time out once it got wetter in September…but would be better prepared this year

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The only thing thats beneficial about the autos are they will be ready faster and less chance of heavy fall dews. I lost a lot of fem photos last year waiting on them to finish to bud rott from heavy dew. This year I am running autos to finish before that happens

Autos being easier to grow is a misconception, imho. They are finicky, they don’t tolerate nutes very well, and it’s generally not a good idea to train them since you have no idea when they might flower.


Easier eh… thats an objective ask…

So the biggest difference between autos and regs/fems… is autos have ruderalis added to the genetics. It allows them to flip to flower without the need for a light hour change. They are basically on their own schedule.

If avoiding budrot is your goal? Autos are the way to go. They wont wait until August (when light hours begin to shorten and triggers flowering outside) to begin flowering. The downside is alot of autos grow smaller since u cannot prolong their veg.

Regular seeds need shortee daylight hours to flip. But grow alot stronger and hardier in my experience.

Fem seeds are essentially regular seeds that have been feminized and guarantee the grower flowers.


All of this…

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I third what was stated above. In my experience, autos are quite a bit more difficult, for indoor at least. If you have good soil outdoors and can just plant them in the ground and let them go then they’d be pretty easy and can avoid the conditions that come with fall weather.

There easier as in you dont gotta worry about lighting change… nutes still the same stress is still harmful and water is just as important as light for both really the ease comes in not having to worry about growing season dont have to worry about daylight hours outside you can flower anytime of the year like summer when the sun Ray’s are the most intense and over head

My thought, do some of both.

The autoflower will be done about three months from when you start and is a great way to hedge your bets against loosing your entire grow because of some unforeseen event. You can start them indoors and move them outside as soon as threat of freeze is over and harvest mid summer, or even stagger harvests throughout the growing season. They are finicky, I grew them this summer for the first time and I had about 25% of them foxtail on me (4 of 11) and 50% of those hermie on me (2 of 11).

Regular feminized seeds will be done in mid to late October regardless of when you start them. Since they have an entire summer to grow you can grow monster plants that will provide enough harvest to get you through until next falls harvest. They are subject to weather extremes, bugs, critters, thieves and just plain bad luck, but the reward can be huge.