Auto tent and a Photo tent

I decided instead of a veg tent and a flower tent to switch it up. I am going to run a Auto tent for smoke and a photo tent for concentrate. Boss Hogg Autos are budding. Going to give the Photos a few days in there new home to stretch out from being cramped. Then flip them.


Everyone is trimmed up. Autos are budding up and Photos are flipped and starting to pop.

I decided this grow to try going the entire grow without using my PH meter or checking PPM’s. I want to prove that I can run on Advanced Nutrients PH perfect without checking once the whole grow. Was afraid to say anything first and failing. But I am confident it can be done. So far here is the proof. Still plenty of time to go on both AUTOS and Flipped Photos 1 week ago.

Hello, if any newbie is interested. I am going to drop new seeds later next week. I will not check my PH orPPM’s the entire grow like the one I am on now. I want some newbies that it is a lot more stress free than they can imagine. If any newbie is interested in dropping at the same time and follow me let’s do this. Tag anyone that may be interested.i just see a lot of regulars answering endless questions about the same stuff. I just grow no special techniques just good environment nutes and love. Peace

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