Auto(ish)-watering Systems

Hi all, wondering if anyone has run the irrigation rings pictured below in a soil grow medium setup:

My tent is getting pretty crowded and I’d like to set up some sort of semi-automated watering system for my next grow; it’s currently exceptionally difficult to water most of my tent due to the density of plants/lights/fans/auxiliary equipment so I would like to make it a bit easier on myself the next time around.

A couple questions regarding a system like this:

  • How realistic is it that you get even watering with a system like this? Both locally in the pots and globally through the whole system? IE will a pot on the far end of the system get less water than a pot that’s close to the pump? Or will this depend on having a pump that can adequately provide pressure and volume to the system?
  • As an extension of the above question, how does one go about determining what pump to use?
  • Will these have any issues with clogging over the course of one grow?

Anyone who’s set up some sort of auto-watering system, especially using the rings above, any advice is appreciated!


Very. There are a few of us that have a set up, some are temporary use, others are permanent. I’ll be using mine because I work too much, and can’t water every day.
This is the manifold I used to equalize the pressure differences, for even regular flow to each plant. It does really well.
The pump size will vary on how many plants you have, but I assure you this pump is plenty.
I have everything on a short cycle timer, but you could use a regular timer if you choose depends on your needs. I preferred the short cycle timer because I had one laying around and I wanted it water every so many hours, and run for a length of time.
The adjustments will be custom for each grow cycle, and phase the plant is in. Flowering you’ll need more volume.
I hope this helped.


I tagged you in a journal i did for my set up. Help your self to ideas and feel free to ask questions. Have fun

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There’s an article on cocoforcannabis(dot)com that tells you how to build an automatic irrigation system with halos. The article has a complete parts list. I’m thinking about doing something like that, autopots or ac infinity self watering bases. Still weighing the pros and cons of each of them.

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Hello: I bought a DWC 8 bucket system,later I had my mind changed, I would like to convert what I have to rdwc,have everything else led lights,ph/ec meters, big grow tent, hygrometer/temp,flora grow juice,no water chiller yet,will need of some insight, first time growing inside with hydroponics,have grown outside for years, pests, people,
Are reasons going inside,need to get a complete hook up diagram, man I have searched,no luck yet!