Auto gorilla glue Seeds - no germination

I have now soaked 3 x auto gorilla glue seeds for 24hrs, then in paper towel for another 24hrs+ and none of them even started to germinate.

What’s the chances? Or could there be something off?

  • Rain water in a glass
  • dark spot
  • 24-25c
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Give them at least another day or two, I’ve had seeds take up to 4 days. I was germinating 6 ,5 popped, I left the other in paper towel, I checked on it several days later and it had a 3-4 inch tap root. So don’t give it up yet :+1:


Ok next time try this way ok ,first things first you need to get the round make up removel pads just the cotton ones now once u have them you grab two out of the packet you grab a plate u then place the pads on the plate and spray them with water then u will places one -three seeds on each pad then u grab two more pads u place them on top of the seeds now u spray pads with water then you cover the plate with plastic wrap u put two small holes in the plastic wrap now place plate in a dark warm place with in 24 hours ur seeds should be popped i normal leave them for two days before i have a look. And no need ro soak seeds i believe this is why most people arent having any luck with germination i believe that there drowning there seeds when they soak them


i’d go ahead and put them in dirt (or coco) and see what happens


Rain water can contain lots of bacteria especially if caught or stored in some way.
Might suggest using distilled or RO water with a few drops of peroxide for a clean sanitized start.
May not have been the problem at all, but you should eliminate any source of mold which will kill seeds.


Expecting germination in 2 days. It’s possible, but i would expect more like 4 days and that’s if warm and wet.

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24 hour soak in room temp declorinated tap water, with hydrogen pyroxide ,in the warmest dark spot . Plant directly into half saturated medium one finger nail deep seed horizontal , dome and spray 3 times twice a day. Youll see your first sproutlings 3-4 days later after 5 days you can do a gentle brush aside of the top layer to see if its a dud

Thanks mate, I have never had this much trouble germinating before! I think the pack are all duds!
The other strain (blue dream autos) both sprouted in same conditions after 24hr soak into soil and pop up 48hr later.

I think I got an old pack or something??

Definitely waited 4+ days now and still no sign of germ!

Thanks for outlining your method mate, I tried it but still nothing happening! Think I have a pack of duds.

Aha ok mate no worries that sucks that u have a bad batch of seeds sorry to hear that

I haven’t had much luck with my GG auto seeds.

Just got GG4 auto. Seed in water always popped on the 2nd day with widow seeds. I have one GG in water 5 days, no pop. One on it’s 2nd day new dish. Nothing yet. Just put 3rd seed in new dish. Is there a different trick to GG4?

All my gg4 auto seeds have germinated. I ordered mine back during the Halloween special they had last year. Idk about their batches of seeds. I have put 1 strait in soil to germinate and took like 6 days for it to pop up. But the way i like to germinate is in coco pellets place in a dome in a wooden box with a heat mat controlled to 77 f. And florescent light over that on 18/6. Also I roll the seed in great white mycorrhizae. With this method so far 100% success and the seeds pop out the pellet in like 3 days.

I’ve never done it in water like this. Good luck to you. Put them in soil with a dome. Seeds could take up to 10 days so don’t give up yet.

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Not very happy ILGM! My pack of GG auto’s I purchased this time last year are duds, no germination on 5 seeds so far, how do I get replacements if in Australia?

I’m having germ problems too. 2 days in water and a day or 2 in a wet paper towel seems to be working. I can’t figure out how to tell them. They say they will replace seeds that don’t pop. I’ve lost 4 of my 28 attempts. They don’t make it easy to contact them.

I’m using ILGM recommended method. I would like to get replacements for the 4 that didn’t make it. Don’t know how to contact them.

You might have to sign in on the ordering part of the site to get support there. Sorry they all didn’t pop.