AUTO flowering in 30 days

My outdoor AUTOs in soil/perlite are 10 cm (4 inch) tall, 30 day old, have 4-5 pair of leaves, and are FLOWERING. What the …. hell???!!!

It happens at times. Autos flower when ready. I have had them go to flower in 2 weeks and some as long as 8 weeks.


I’ve had them flower early an turn out to be a nice big plant. 4 to 6 weeks about the norm. Can run longer as @ painfree mention. Good luck with you’re auto

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Any point in feeding them flowering nutes now? they are so small, will they get bigger during flowering?

It will stretch some but not a lot because of it’s already small. I would go ahead and plant more so when yours are finished your new plants will be starting flower. Here is one that started at 2 weeks and even though it doubled in size it’s still small.

This one is same age.


Plants look healthy I would definitely start feeding flowering nutes. Keep taking care of them . Good luck

Something probably just stunted it a little. Like mentioned autos prome to that.

You are actually in preflower, which will last about 2 weeks before full on bloom.

30 days from sprout to preflower is common, pictures would really help.