Auto flower become hermaphrodite?

hi, first of all i like to thanks ILGM for being trustworthy, just receive my seed bubblegum and this is why i always order my seed from here… recently i just bought ww auto and its been growing healthy … now is 55 days and my plant is on flowering stage… i just curious is this what they called balls? or hermaphrodite? coz i am beginners and hoping to collect all kind of seed ILGM have for my collection… thanks in advance… good day and take care

All the ones that have the long hairs seem to be fine and female. The first or top picture with the one lone yellow pouch or “ball” at the node looks like it could be a male flower. Yes it could be one, and if it is the only one and the rest of the plant looks female you might be able to pinch off the yellow pouch and continue the grow as usual. If you are afraid other male flowers might be hiding out of sight, and absolutely do not want seeds then you might need to pull the whole plant. Although sometimes some late hermaphrodite flowers will only seem to seed the immediate flower they are in, this is not guaranteed and pollen that becomes airborne may find its way to pollenate other plants in the same grow room.

thanks for reply…if i didnt pinch of the male flower, what will happen? will it effect the yield? and this plant keeps growing taller… already 98cm… almost reach top of my closet… what can i do bout it? im using 18/6 coz i thought autos no need 12/12 right?

I agree. 1st pik looks like a male. Keep a close eye on it. If you do not cull it immediately; Check the plant every 2-3 hours in order to amke sure it does not develop pollen sacks, and they open.

if i just keep one male pollen will i be getting seeds? will it be auto same as this plant? and will it effect yield of the entire plant? currently i just saw 1 balls…

If the one ball splits open and then all the pollen contained inside the ball floats around the room, all the plants could get pollenated and produce seeds all over all the plants, this will reduce yield and quality. The ball itself contains the pollen which is a very fine yellow powder that with the slightest breeze will spread throughout the air.

Having seeds is okay if that’s what you want. However, I think I’m going to clone my best plants after I harvest. I’m thinking of keeping one of each of the White Widow and Super Silver Haze as mother plants. I’ll order some other strains from here and see what I like best. Eventually, I might start to play with genetics if I have enough grow spaces.

i got this ww autoflowering not auto hermis…lol… i cant clone this one… now what should i do to save the yield? im worried since its a good plant… :cry:

I already told you what you should do, pinch off/remove any male flowers and grow the rest of the plant as usual or pull the whole plant if you are worried there are too many male flowers on this one plant that might seed your other full female plants…

oh ok, thanks for helping… good day