At what point, can you smoke?

At what point,
in the growth process of a MJ plant, is it deemed useable?
When does the plant begin to show its strengths ?
Do you have to wait until buds?
Do you have to wait until buds are mature a certain point?

What’s your take on it?

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Upon full completion, drying, and at least 3 or 4 days curing, otherwise it’s shit in my opinion.


When I make a batch of spaghetti sauce I taste it throughout the cooking process.
Nothing like when growing herb but I’ve tasted, eaten, juiced and smoked samples from my plants anytime I removed foliage. Sometimes removed a small popcorn bud at bottom did a slow dry and smoked it. This way I learn things through different stages of growth. If I don’t do one of those I simply leave the trimmed leaves on top of the soil to be broken down by the critters. I have even started burying them just under the surface as well. Nitrogen supply to the critters.

Just my thoughts


I hear ya. I have tried that as a similar process.

But I dont have enough experience to be able to judge.

In the past I have smoked water leaves that was better than, the small buds that are new forming.

So I didn’t know if this is normal, or change dramatically later in flower?

I hear ya, it’s been my opinion so far. I guess that is not what I was wanting.

U know what they say, poop in one hand and crap in the other and see which hand fills up the quickest


Closer to harvest the better the samples! At least with my grow but it’s all about the Trichomes lol

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My first grow I sampled from first signs of buds all the way to the end. It tastes like hay when it’s not cured but it does gradually get more potent and you do get flavors. If I’m out and I have no supply, you bet I’m smoking immature buds.


I hear ya, that’s way we grow!

@SilentHippie I had to comment on your name.

When I was young the called me the the undercover hippy

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Headics came when smoke fresh bud.
Speedy, short cloud when smoke are unmature.
You can take after 4 weeks in flowering when you have 8 week plant. But when you do you get yourself just waste bud. But i know ive been there. When last cured bud in jar is out then you Must smoke that unmature :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::no_mouth:



I hear experience talking.

Hey I have patience

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Well I started the testing process.

I have found that.

Until there is flower, and you begin to see the tricomes start to form, you can begin to feel its effects of it.
(Keep in mind of your tolerance level, this would make a huge difference)