At half way point

Just reached half way point and I feel great about these young ladies for a first time grow I’ve done an amazing job hoping everything ends up greatcant wait


Congratulations Plants look great , not sure I know what you mean by Half way Point. Good luck


The seeds that I started with say 8 weeks to bud not sure if that true but ill see

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This is from the start of flowering and not from start of seed. You can expect to be ready for harvest 8 to 10 weeks from the start of flowering (when pistils first appear at the tips of the plant.)


You growing Autos or photos ?

Lol thanks

I’ve yet to grow any auto that finished in less than 12 weeks from sprout and some go as long as 16 weeks from sprout

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Thats good to know I thought I was doing something wrong

Stay proud they look good. But the road is long