Asking for General knowledge

So, definitely a newbie, but was wondering who can tell me the difference in these (sativa, indica etc.). None have shown sex yet :crossed_fingers: but clearly are different in leaves and growth (all germinated at the same time).
Random mixed seeds that were given to me.
The taller ones smell so good :cake:

Indicas tend to have short, fat leaves while sativas tend to have long, skinny leaves. It isn’t always true, but it’s the only guideline that exists.

The plant on the bottom right (last pic) has some interesting genetic coloration.

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It’s hard to tell with everything being a hybrid.
Wait till you smoke it that will tell you all you need to know
Also when flowering hits how they stretch the sativa will naturally grow taller and almost straight up and indica will bush out a litle bit more also how long flowering takes indica around the 8 to 9 weeks and sativa are 10 to 13 weeks but with hybrids it can lean indica with the growth of the plant but lean sativa with the terpon profile/high
Do you know if there feminized photos or autos seeds

I have no idea what kind of seeds they are they were just sent to me from somebody on the West Coast and they are definitely not feminized because he said I have to watch

I am actually hoping that I get lucky with some females

Heya… I’ve been growing for a couple years but I have trouble getting my babies to flower… so I decided to try hydroponics instead… my plants are bigger bushier and look ok to me but I’d like an outside opinion… my baby is in week 5 total…Processing: 20210705_212128.jpg…

Need to wait for the pic to upload before hitting the send button.