Ask vs Tell; Dealing With Unsolicited Advice

Have you ever considered that perhaps it’s not the information people might be rejecting, but the way you go about delivering it?

Me to a Tee. I love my girls. I spend alot of time in my tent even if there is nothing to do, I just sit and look. Talk play music whatever. My friends and family that have seen Disjointed liken me to the young guy that grows on the show. Loved the episode where the Cannabis Fairy or whatever it was he was seeing was telling him what to do.


I think the issue may be that you’re using chlorine and chloride synonymous when they are not the same :man_shrugging:. Also very similar to considering something that happens in nature will also happen the same way in an indoor grow.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter. Do whatever you want in your grow and let others do as they want in theirs. If you have a tip they are typically welcomed, but you seem to be going on in this topic just like your friend that you’re complaining about.


I think at the end of the day the problem is you don’t understand chlorine breaks down into chlorides and nitrates in under half an inch of soil but you’ve bit the bait to yell about chlorine for history, as if anyone on the planet is proposing dumping own 100 ppm chlorine into the soil and you have, in fact, been trying to Well Ackshully in ever since. Go away. Jesus christ. What a titanic cope of mental gymnastics to pretend none of you can contextually figure it out. Not a single one of you have Well Ackshullied people going on about chlorine to go “well ackshully, the chlorine you pour in becomes chloride almost the second it hits the dirt, so it’s a nonissue”. What a massive set of copes.
Here, guy
Well Ackshully, none of you have ever been valid for talking about chlorine at all, it’s like talking about pouring Slenderman into your dirt to kill your soil. Trying to go “are you sure it wasn’t THINMAN from SUPERNATURAL? There is a DIFFERENCE” is incredibly intellectually reductive to try to maintain superiority of a default inferior position.
My use of Chlorine is nonsensical because I address your default nonsensical application of chlorine in conversation because at the end of the day it hits the dirt and is Chloride, stop acting confused. It’s facetious. All it shows me is that I just blindsided everyone here with a hammer to the old wives’ tale nobody here knew, years of growing experience or chemistry degrees without biology degrees be damned. You wouldn’t be making Tim Allen noises about “why you trade Chlorine and Chloride” if you understood this fact of life.

Has it occurred to you people trotted into a thread about frustration with unsolicited and inaccurate advice to do just that, and are acting offended that the person continues to be frustrated?

Yesssssssss my friends call me the local Druid and I’m currently getting a custom plushie made of my druidic dragon from D20 made on promise I put him in a tent corner in the low humidity tent.



Chlorine gas (an Element) when released will either dissipate to gaseous medium or dissolve as a negative chloride ion in aqueous media at STP. So now there is typically a couple of negative chloride ions in the aqueous portion of the soil column looking for home.

The pH of that aqueous solution partially determines the next reaction. Does it form a precipitate or remain in solution for plant uptake? Also does it have an organic binder where it is ad/absorbed?

Soil chemistry is a complex and exciting area of research and something I am learning about.

What I have read in journals is that only the top 1/2 inch of a soil column is where microorganisms are affected.

Please remember not all growers here grow in soil with a healthy biome. Some use hydro or other inert grow medium and I have not researched any of the effects of chlorine on those systems since don’t use them.

Yes I have a chemistry degree, but there is much more driving chemical reactions than

Cl2 = 2Cl- (equation is not charge balanced)

No. Stop. Stop reaching. He explicitly came in to preach about soil disrupting healthy mediums. I’m not going to relax about someone specifically Doing The Thing I Am Actively Posting About As Being A Problematic Community Behavior Because Zero Introspection.

Also, no. That’s a lot of big words to justify thorough commonhand community misinformation that has nothing to do with anything. You can literally pump water chlorinated at over 30x any city level’s starting point straight into dirt and only effect a few inches of it. Unless people are growing in literal saucepans, there is no reason to continue to distribute this information under the illusion it’s going to disrupt a healthy biome, much less trot in.

This is literally. If you read it. About dirt, not hydro, and someone coming in, and saying it will disrupt a healthy biome, which it won’t, if you are growing in anything deeper than a skillet. The chlorine talk is a lot of people using fancy sounding words because someone got hysterical about chlorine a decade or two ago not understanding how chlorine works, and rather than people that know better going, no, wait, that’s literally not how this works, continuing to propagate the myth.

You’re right. Not all people use dirt. Some use hydro. That is not the conversation someone invited themselves to nor attempted to provide information about in the context of. No attempt at reeling it back to make it look reasonable or knowledgeable will repair it. Not everyone grows in hydro, so stop swindling new growers into needing all kinds of absolute nonsense they literally don’t need unless they’re in hydro. It is truly that simple. I’m gonna eat my arm if I read one more person who grows in dirt talk about Evaporating Out The Gas as an unnecessary step that will literally never be a problem.

It’s time to start Well Ackshully, Chlorine Probably Barely Reaches Your Tap At All, And What Does Becomes Chloride In Half An Inch Of Dirt. Not all this other noise, or pretending to act confused when someone swaps Chlorine/Chloride in discussion when you supposedly know full well why the swap is conversationally happening, because it is a literal nonissue in dirt medium.

And yes. Yes, I am more than a bit angry about it because the attitude of underlearned consumers labeling themselves the experts sharing bare minimum of brand name recommendations and the fables of ChlorineMan haunting their dirt that have largely cropped up in the last decade posturing on my ass on boards because they’ve been Very Proficient Consumers Echoing Other People for a long time, and have completely colonized a “hobby” that was once dominated, essentially, by street kids learning to make this work in their basement corners ducking cops and choppers while zapping together their own colloidal silver sprays and learning how to convert available tapwater into sustainable crop maximizing shit, then someone slaps a brand label on their work and convinces everyone they have to reverse osmosis or ionize their water into oblivion and everyone that doesn’t blow insane amounts of money out their ass is inherently inferior or more stupid. I have literally already run into it on this board. The street kids that ran this game long before anyone had the balls to get into this en masse weren’t stupid or uneducated.

Now people are pikachu facing about things the Stupid Street Kids knew like 20 years ago going “THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION.GIF” while still not being able to restrain themselves from prancing in and trying to find a way the communal information still can work, and like. No. I shouldn’t have to read nonsense of newish growers bemoaning how Expensive this hobby is like I didn’t make my shit work 15 years ago with some scrap lights, a bunch of reflective shit plastered together, rubbermaid bins, tap water and some local flora. It doesn’t need to be, but it sure helps the capitalist market if you guys keep convincing everyone they need to blow a few thousand dollars out their butt to join some elitist circle of people going through a comedy act to remove the things they re-add. Hydro talk needs to stop contaminating the market just so people can bulk sell foods that turn into salts they blame on the chlorine to purify the water to re add the foods to not kill their plants. It’s EXHAUSTING to watch. Like I too can buy really expensive toilet funk branded calmag. I just don’t freak out and filter out the things to filter them back in because I’m not growing in hydro and am absolutely exhausted of far newer, more novice growers that learned off of shared misinformation having goddamn egos because they’re real proud feeling smart doing unnecessary nonsense.

We’re definitely blindsided, but it’s nit in the context that you are thinking :rofl:. Get yourself a microscope and watch what happens when you apply chlorine to active bacteria. Most will be killed in under a minute. In nature an active microbial life can be restored, but it’s not within a minute and your indoor potted soils aren’t the same as being in natural habitat. You can keep spouting off otherwise, but high-school level biology or chemistry class usually demonstrates this.

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Bro. I hate to inform you but your dirt is not the same as a petri dish. Catch up
this mfer really gonna argue with the university of colorado or like basic chemistry&biology because he googled some nonsense and did a microscope test like a nerd that thinks he knows better than the actual grant funded nerds.
I, too, was given a microscope in third grade, guy. You’re not special there.

I’m drinking enough that after lmaoing into discord about this, I’ma just quote, " why certainly, they only got the several million in funding to test nonstop at variable and even extremely high chlorination levels beyond comprehensible sanity for 4 consistent months in variable soil type and density to say all around your beliefs are mythological nonsense, but sure, drop chlorine on a random bacteria in a petri dish, this is definitely the same as discussing complex chemical interactions in a complex self sustaining microbiome"

It’s okay to admit you’ve been utterly conned by urban legends and a predatory market, guy.
The petri dish philosophy applies only in hydro. And even then only halfly, because even pure H20 isn’t a petri dish. But there’s a reason hydro growers need to do cartwheels to avoid root rot and the like. And zero of that copes with the fact that most chlorine in city water dissipates long before you turn on your tap. Deal with it.

Take another hit, tension is in the building. :joy:
Dont understand all the hostility. We are all here to grow, have fun, and get some opinions from great growers. This turned into a I’m right and everyone else is wrong topic.
Dont see the point in all the bitterness.

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Take a hint, the topic should have prevented dumbass from trying to argue with someone that was probably growing ten years before him or a university in a weed-specializing origin state that put millions into this study because he did a third grade microscope study
Take a hint, the hostility exists because someone invited themselves in without taking a hint.
Take a hint, you guys trying to deflect with “take a hint” means someone doesn’t want to introspect on the hundreds or thousands of dollars they’ve wasted over literal nonsense.
Take a hint, the reason this information is supressed isn’t because I’m The First Person Ever to say it, it’s because you guys can’t get over the previous points any time anyone explains this to you, even grant-funded studies.
Take a hint, nobody had to trounce into here with under-educated google bytes and forum fables to begin with.

Are you getting any of these hints yet?

Deadass, the five minute post edit timer on here drives me insane, because I’m the type to meditate over a post for upwards of ten minutes due to hyperfixation attributes to make sure I’ve clarified for even the most pea-brained reader.

You guys are the definition of “people who colonized this after the fact and just refer bad information to each other from arrogance” mentioned above. Nobody cares how much money you have to blow out your ass without a good reason, Carol. Well, correction, the people who sell you product do like [checks notes, squints] Bergman’s? Which only discloses “compound fertilizer”, NPK ratios, and a website link printed on bags that doesn’t work? Yeah I can’t possibly figure out how this discourse happens and is allowed to be ongoing on this forum. I don’t know about you but anything I DO buy as a supplement discloses inclusion by part down to 0.0000X or beyond percentages. But sure. NPK. It’s not like there’s 17+ nutrients to consider in balance or anything.

Guys. Seriously. You are actively fighting for your right to be cucked by a capitalistic market for supremacy according to expendature rather than knowledge or skill, omitting scientific breakthroughs funded with intention to specifically break through ignorant old wives’ tales and yelling something about lone bacteria in petri dishes with molecules as if that is the reality of the growing conditions in any situation, in a market designated towards you blowing 250+ out your ass to buy Bergman’s Stuff For Plants For Average Growing Limit™ when most of it, if you used dirt without the hydro startup costs, could be resolved with tap water and $50 expense for years of reward. Blease. I am begging you. Put the braincells in the petri dish, rub them together, see what happens.