Are These Yellow Tops Normal?

First grow. I just flipped two days ago and suddenly all my tops appear to be much lighter in colour. Sorry for the dark photos, tried to use flash to give an idea of what they look like without the grow lights on.image|666x500


Nice looking crop you got there. To me it’s normal New Growth lighter color


Maybe a little iron deficient but the yellow new growth is normal after flipping. They start spitting out new growth faster than they produce chlorophyll. Keep an eye on them to watch for the green to start filling in.


Agreed, new growth is alot lighter during growth spurts


So, another day, another problem. This hobby keeps you on your toes.

Plants are looking healthy/happy mostly, but encountered some issues on one or two leaves, on one or two plants, out of fifteen.

I’m not sure of the cause and don’t want to mess with the nutes when most plants look good, but I don’t want this progressing. Any help and insight would be appreciated.

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Oh, and I forgot to say:

15 plants
Gelato and Granddaddy Black
Auto fertigation
EC 1.9
PH 6.0
8x8 tent (only using about 2/3
4th day after switch
Using AN Connoiseur, cal-mag, Dutch Nutrients Diamond and Growth Spurt, Carboload.

Most of the affected leaves are middle growth, not new, but not really old growth either.

Also, my biggest, densest, Gelato plant is showing some redness in two of the bigger fan leaves.

Yeah those are minor issues. I have 4 plants now in day 2 of flower. The lighter growth, like others have said, is a good sign. It’s rapid growth.

As far as the leaves, looks like the one you may have accidently clipped when it was small and didn’t notice.

I have 4 beauties I just flipped. Tons of foliage, it’s been 54 days in total and only 1 or 2 leaves ever had brown. Not sure what caused it. How did I react? Very unsubstantial problem didn’t warrant any solution other than time. Unless it’s spreading, it’s fine. Clip it off if it bothers you.

They look healthy happy and beautiful. Goodluck