Are these plants ready to harvest?

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Can’t really tell can you take a pic of plant not just a close up of one spot

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Look at the trichomes under magnification 60-90x. If you get a jewelers loupe you will have no problem. Depending on what kind of a high you want is gonna be dependent on how long you let the trichomes go. If you are wanting more of a head high then take em earlier when they are clearer. If you want that heavy body high then let them turn more amber. So basically, it’s up to you lol.

This site has guides you can look at to for educational purposes. They have pics to help educate you on various growing techniques. Try the my grow bible, of you are a newer grower the guides will help. Check out this one it may help.

Doesn’t look like it @Boney1. You want the trichomes to be at least all milky. Even though the pic is blurry when I zoom, it looks like the trichomes are still partly clear. You have to have at least a x60 inspection loupe to see the trichomes. I need heavy medication for pain so I harvest at no less than 30% Amber trichomes.