Are these nugs ready?

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You still have a few weeks to go with all of those white pistils.

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Thanks. How should I protect it from any rains going forward?

I have the same question are these buds done, its Amnesia haze and they are in week 9 of flower.

You can put a tarp over them not sure what else you can do I put a fan on mine after the rain try to keep alot of airflow.

Also tgis a second amnesia haze I feel like it’s a week behind the other one. Trying to time it just right. Any tips let me know.


Go on Amazon and buy a cheap jeweler’s loupe. They are about ten dollars.

Look at the buds through the lens and, once you see that the mushroom-shaped trichomes are cloudy, and starting to turn amber, they are ready for harvest.

I have one I don’t see any amber yet and I find it hard to distinguish between clear and milky, I feel like I have a week or 2 To go. It’s my first grow just starting to worry about the weather outdoors.

Yep, still a baby. Have several weeks left.


Thanks :pray:

Hi you have to let ur pics upload before hitting the submit button but i would say you have two -three weeks before there ready

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