Are these looking ok/normal?

LSD fem have been in grow tent since Wednesday Nov 6th. I am using a CFL 40w.
They seem leggy to me so i was hoping for some input or changes I may need to make? They have been watered one time yesterday since planted.
Thanks for any help.

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They look fine no issues if you’re worried they’re stretching too much can reduce space between light and plants. Also I like to add a piece of wire to help keep them straight up until they get a bit more stable


Looking good


Thank you kindly…
Should I leave lid on still?
If i put the CFL closer it want burn plant?
Can you recommend a distance please?
Should I still use CFL or other LED grow light?
Appreciate the help

What spectrum is that “cfl”? How many actual watts? It looks purple.

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They are so small right now it’s not going to really matter as far as light goes both are good, they look good so I would keep using what your using.
As said above moving the light closer will reduce stretch.
Keep them in the dome as long as you can, they need the humidity all through veg so when you do move them re dome them with something bigger until they are big enough that they don’t fit in a large dome and start producing some humidity. Hopefully you have a humidfior ready.

@Drinkslinger has asked valid questions, this will help us determine what is BEST and when to make the switch if needed. Gives us a better picture.
So give us all the info you can about all your light or give us links.

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It is a 40watt cfl… i have led lights(purple) also in tent for tomatoes… I have been lowering the cfl down to plants and doming…

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When you go to put seedlings in final pot, you can bury the stems some. The stem will sprout roots

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