Are these flowers doing ok

I am 4 weeks into flower with sour diesel and strawberry kush. I am wondering if the plants pictured are going to end up with one solid cola or do these two strains have just small buds all over them them. I’m just growing for medicine, so I won’t be disappointed either way. This is my first grow. I don’t expect a high yield. I feed them according to the instructions for the nutrients I use. I started a bloom booster this week. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


idk but i would like to know and are you outdoors

No indoors. 77-81° lot of air moving so no bugs. Too many annoying things outside.


What type of lighting are you using @OldSkunk

Those stoll have a ways to go you may end up with a better yield than you think looking good

At the moment, high wattage CFLs. 850watts. In about 3 days, I’ll be done building a true 650watt cob led setup.


I put them in flower on 8/3. I figure no sooner than 10/3 to harvest. There are quite a few out there that say there can be a big benefit to going one week longer and using the dry bloom one extra week before starting flush. I don’t think I need to be that greedy.

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Those buds will put on weight and stack up. Just give her some time. They look great :+1:


@MattyBear said it best patients is key

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Did you top or fim your plant. If not you’ll have one main cola. Topping makes two main colas , fim makes three. There are guides here to learn how to do it.
Happy Growing :v:

I’m with @Oldstoner and @MattyBear you still have a ways to go be patient and watch the show
They will fatten up proper you have lots of pistols there which means big fat buds in your future @OldSkunk


@OldSkunk Looking great!!!
Can you give me more details on the COB light that you are going to build. I have built 2 lights using Quantum Boards and the growth with these lights is amazing.

They are 120v driverless cobs (the driver is on-board). They are very cheap and full spectrum. I’m not recommending them to anyone yet because they are high voltage, and therefore dangerous to someone who doesn’t know the proper way to work with it. I’m building them for myself because I want true wattage not 600w sold units which most of us know is not 600 watts or anywhere near that. I am also building these because I’m installing a 3kw solar system to drive my grow setup most of the time and I can just run straight off the inverter. I have enough parts to make another 1kw light if the one I’m building works well. I will post a thread under the lights section of the forum if the results end up good.


I topped them right before flower


That will be a sweet setup. I have never heard of COBS with the driver attached. Could you give me more info. Don’t give a link cause they don’t like that. Just brand name will do

Thank you and everyone else for the input. I need all the help I can get. I can’t get the VA to see it my way about the pain I’m living with, so I’m growing my own. They just want me to take opiates. Not doing it!


Don’t have a brand name. If you go to YouTube and look up driverless cob LEDs, you will find a guy named bigclive. He has links on where to buy them. I bought the ones I have from China. I posted a thread about my homemade seed starter box under the lights section of the forum, and one of the guys who I was conversing with had a link you might want to look at.

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Thanks! I will look that up :smiley:

Glad to hear that @OldSkunk

Yeah it seems to be a common thread guess they will only allow it when the federal government comes around my friend since they are one in the same right :+1::wink:
I’m fortunate never to have had the pleasure of using my earned benefits and from what I heard and seen first hand I’m not missing a whole lot :+1:

Long waits and when you do finally get to see a doctor they ask you what you think they might be able to do about it. It’s not up to me. They’re the doctor not me. They know it’s the nerves in my lower spine. As I said, I’m taking matters into my own hands and growing my own medicine. I can’t wait on the current administration to fix the VA.

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