Are these considered flowering?


Yep that’s a future bud :sunglasses:


Yes Sir!!


So I can start my count towards 77 days? Roughly.

Give or take 2 weeks to an 8-10 week flower time…can sometimes go waaaaay further….but closer to that time you will be able to track the maturity of it by looking at trichomes (research research research)

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I took these pictures today but I noticed these things about a week ago which is good cuz I’m outside Chicago and 77 days from now is going to be towards the end of October and a lot of chances for Frost

I took the picture of the two hairs coming out of the calyxes on August 5th these are an outdoor grow so I have a lot of variables to contend with, heat and hopefully cool nights soon.
Last year plants started to flip about now. This is just my second year. We still have 14 hrs days here.
And we won’t have 12 hour days until mid September.
So I know for a fact last year’s plants flipped early, they were ready at the end of October and the first week of November.
I had to put hunting blinds over them to keep frost off of them.

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Right on I’m in Kansas…closest big city is Wichita but I’m out in the sticks growing in the ground….good luck to you I hope ya keep updates here so we can all see your progress :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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Thanks, I’ve been gardening for 30 years so last year my first grow yielded 18 oz. On a plant that’s only supposed to yield 12-14.
I didn’t even fertilize. Just mole asses

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I can dig it…I love your profile picture also :sunglasses::v:t2:

Thank you! You made me go back and look to see what it was LOL. I guess a pizza is fitting. I have a friend who has a Grammy and he takes me to the Chicago chapter parties now and then. Music is something I enjoy way much.