Are these autos ok skittles and white widow

Are these ok it was just one plant a couple days ago now its hit the one beside it I just feed and watered tonight at ph 6.5 and used gaia green 284 ,444, and worm castings

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What week of flower are you in?
Nice scrog btw

I’m on day 61 since they poped , there been in flower for 32 day give or take a day

What’s Scrog ?

Scrog is the name of the technique u used with the net.

Your ladies are coming along great. For 4 weeks of flower they are showing some deficiencies nothing major. We can get you squared away and those ladies will not even know it happened

Which one would u say it was


P for sure. Is due to the nutrition you been giving her. She just need some p for flowering.

Did you feed anything else besides Gaia green?
I use Jack’s 321 but for flowering I add mkp for 2 weeks which the P n K are higher than N

I’ve only used the 4-4-4 , 2-8-4 , and worm castings planted in mother earth living soil on 3 and ocean soil on other 2 could u send pic of what u use and how to use

I feed 1/4 cup 444 whole cup 284 and whole cup worm castings tonight

Yea those number are 2 low for flowering. she will definitely survive and like I said u did a great job.

I got the 1lb of mkp from ebay it’s 0-52-34. Amazon got the jacks321 & mkp which is what I use. This will definitely do it 4 now. Or just buy from ebay depending what you prefer.

1st thing 1st in case you don’t know Jack’s 321 is a 3 part nutriotion line. Part a, epson and part b. The mixing goes as follow for 1 gallon of water.
Part a 5-12-26 = 3.6g
Epson salt = 1.2g
Part b 15-0-0 = 2.4g

Now in flower
Part a, epson & part b are 2g
Mkp = 1.2g

2g of a then 2 g of b

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Sorry for all the questions this is my first grow. ,

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I have 5 total in 5gal pots would would make 1 gal for each of the 3 parts and see what’s happens and how often would u do it

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You have nothing 2 be sorry at all. We all are here 2 learn and share what we learned.

That is correct don’t forget 2g of epson salt for every 1gallon also. That formula only changes for 2 weeks in flower. After that you would go back to full strength Jack’s Part a 5-12-26 = 3.6g
Epson salt = 1.2g
Part b 15-0-0 = 2.4g

Yesterday was my feeding time. I’m in soil so I only feed once a week or when ever they are thirsty. Every waterin is feeding. Jack’s is cheap compare 2 others

Awesome thanks so much I’ll keep u updated , love your set up

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Thank you. Please do anytime just tag me. If you start a journal def tag me and you are more than welcome in my journal. It haa my experiences and journies from growing, pressing,making some gummies and e oil is you like that stuff.

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U still have a few weeks to go

You would make one gallon and add all 3 parts to the gallon, but they need to be mixed in order and fully dissolved before mixing in the next part. The order of mixing goes as follows

Part A

Epsom salt

Part B

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SilvaBlack203 the stuff is supposed to be here tomorrow or Monday I’m a little confused on the 2weeks then back to full Jack’s, I sure wish I could call u for 5 min ,

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