Are my seedlings healthy looking?

So, I’m new to growing and I’d like some opinions and advice on my seedlings. I am on day 6 of growing ILGM’s LSD fem. I am only growing 3 out of 5 seeds in my 32x32x64 tent.

I have a 6in inline duct, 4in carbon filter, oscillating fan, humidifier, and two 1000W LED lights. I germinated my seeds first by soaking for 24hrs, then moving them to a moist paper towel and bag for another 24hrs. When introducing them to soil, I mixed FFOF and perlite with fiber soil to continue my germination period. I plan on using just Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and perlite throughout my entire grow. I also have Fox Farm trio nutes (grow big, buds & blooms, and big bloom) and cal/mag.

On average, the RH is 55-68% and the temperature is 73-78°F. Occasionally the temperature drops to 68°F.

For the first 5 days I only gave my girls tap water. Today (day 6) I decided to give them some cal/mag due to my concern with their root color.

Sorry for the long intro, but my question is, how are they looking? Do they need more or less water? More cal/mag feedings? Should I use any fertilizers yet?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!


You don’t need cal/mag at this point and if using FFOF won’t need any nutes (fertilizer or cal/mag) at all for at least 5 to 6 weeks. If you are using tap water you may never need the cal/mag. You should be giving them only water. You are far more likely to hurt them than help them by feeding them right now. FFOF is a very hot soil.

Seedlings need very little water. Water should be measured in ml at this point. Let the soil dry out between waterings.

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Theyclook really nice

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@serena how much will you get

I grow in soil to it taste better smells better

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here. I’d get some domes on them and get the humidity up on them. If you don’t have domes you can cut plastic bottles. Sparky the inside of the dome and water very little at this stage maybe 5-10 ml

That soil looks good thoug

The leaves are curling a little though


Should have said spray not sparky. :grin::rofl:

By the way, your seedlings look perfect for their age.