Are my plants ready to flower?

Whats up Fellas!

I am about to go into week 4 for my Sour Diesel auto flower Plant and I started to wonder about my plant Flowering.

Are these signs of the plant Starting to flower?

long story short my plants should have actually been 6 weeks instead of 4 today…

when my plant was going into its third week for vegetation my Doggo happened to get into my grow site and destroy my plant by pulling it off its medium. luckily i was able to replant it in the medium but i had already known that the damage will stunt my plant dramatically.

it took nearly two weeks to get back in shape when i fed the plant again but i stated it from week 3 since i never was able to feed the plant in week three when my doggo ruined my grow . after the week was over i noticed my plant might have started to flower (At least showing signs)

Can anyone confirm this way i can feed them flowering nutes starting today.



Looks like it. @Zee @kellydans


She is flowering! I’d add flower nutes, but wait for Kellydans to chime in, tons of experience with autos.

Exciting times ahead for you!


I agree with community members looks like it’s early stage is starting to flower. Personally myself I usually give mine another feeding of veg nutes to get it through the stretch.


@Zee @kellydans @Deepsix thank you guys! i truly appreciate it. now for the moment we all wait for is about to come my way :maple_leaf:


would you recommend me to feed nutes this week again for VEG or just feed the flowering nutes? i guess i can understand the stretch part since Autos tend to be smaller in growth.

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I grow my autos in ocean Forest soil . Which will carry you to flowering stage without needing to feed. I like to give them a good shot of nitrogen, veg nutes maybe even two depends on how they look to get through the stretch then I swap over to bloom nutes. Have you taken a run off and check your ppm. Your plant looks nice an healthy. A lot of people will push a little nitrogen through the stretch. If you choose to feed veg nutes one more time it will be fine . Good luck

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thanks for the info. i went ahead and used veg nutes for today’s feeding and then ill start flowering nutes by the end of the week once i flush my plant.

thank you!

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