Are my lights to intense?

@dbrn32 I ask you specifically as the “go to lights guy”, are 2 2000w LED full spectrum lights too intense for a 4×8 tent with 2 young plants?

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Definitely sounds a but intense. How young are they? And u really wouldnt need both lights u til flowering or in a long veg. Do u have a link to the amazon light btw?


You need to post some light specifications for someone to be able to help you

I’m willing to bet your lights aren’t really drawing more than 450-500 watts a piece, which will be just fine for a tent that size.

Maybe the two together are too strong for young plants.

Without knowing anymore (you don’t even state ages or show pics of your plant) I would say take one light and hang it up high.

Plants can grow big in the vegetative stage on the most minimal amount of light. You need all that powerful lighting to drive the flowering stage, not the veg stage


Sorry ya’ll, i wasnt done with my post. I had to set it down for a while and it posted on its own. Weird. Anyway…
My babies are 2 weeks old. Chem 4 and Carnival. I have a 4×8 tent. I have this light on now and am wanting to add another to provide more light. Thinking one over each plant.

Here is my set up currently

So… will adding the second light now be unwise?

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You won’t be too intense with two of those in a 4x8, maybe even be lacking a little. I wouldn’t say you need other light right now though.

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Whats the distance from lights to plant tops? Looks a bit close.

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Those look like king LEDs. If they are the 2000s? Those aren’t 1000w draw, I think they’re 375w. One is good for 2 little plants. 1 for each plant will be good once they are bigger.


Looked it up: 400 watts as quoted for $200 plus. Can you say Quantum Board?

In theory, one light will do a 2 X 4 space but watch for canopy coverage. The footprint is small so needs to be a decent distance above to get light distribution. Essentially; two of these will do half of a tent.