Are gnats stunning my babies?

Welcome to ILGM forum. Do know you have knats or do you think that you have a issue and not sure whats happening.

Looks like a huge calcium and magnesium deficiency due to the purple stem, also what are you growin in?

I assume they are gnats. They are Lil flying bugs that are flying around the top of the soil. My eyes are not the best but when I check on my babies they are buzzing around the top of the soil

Could never go wrong with food grade DE for the knats

I had to order some DE. Couldn’t find any local. That so called soil is trash. I am nervous that was another mistake I made

Yikes…is that’s your only sprouting? To me it looks likes it starving for Calcium. I’d order some cal mag and some expanding soil witch are both very cheap!

I was wondering about calmag or something like that but didn’t want to add anything to hurt them more

She’s strugglin dats fo sure

I put 5 autos in a gorilla tent 5ftx5ft with a Bestva 2000 led.

All 5 are like that

That’s tuff brother. It’s all about learning from our mistakes

What is “food grade DE”? I actually saw a little gnat or something flying in my tent before lights out today. I don’t think it’s a problem just yet but I want to get it handled before it could be.

@Vance420 food grade Diatomaceous earth is basically shells turned in to fine powder that kills all soft bodies insects

Welcome to the forum @Sharbeno88 Gnats love wet soil and a seedling doesn’t require a lot of water so try not to over water .

@Floridabud oh I see thanks for the info. I haven’t seen the gnat since. I live in a humid area and it’s been raining a lot so hoping it was nothing too serious. I may order some DE. I went ahead and made a homemade gnat trap for now but will keep a close eye on it.

I just went through a small fungus gnat issue. Attacked it by using Mosquito Bits and DE. The mosquito bits kills the larvae in the soil who are doing the real damage to the plant by eating it’s roots. I dusted the top of the soil with DE cause I hate watching them just walking around. As the DE cuts into them, they’re not gonna be walking around for long. Could also use yellow sticky traps to get some walkers and flyers as well.

Added DE today cannot for the life of me find Calmag so I had to order it. I also STOPPED using filtered water. I didn’t know that was causing my difficency

So what is the soil? Who makes it? Etc

I’m not sure on the specifics of the soil. Got it from a friend but it seems junk to me lol