Are all of the Mix pack seeds feminized?

I purchased the Patriot mix pack and the Fruity mix pack…received them in 6 days and am already storing them, but now I realize only the Fruity mix pack has any mention of feminized seeds in the description. Does anyone know if all the mix packs are fem seeds?
Thanks in advance.


@KRoNiK The seed shop has a section for regular feminized photos (photoperiod), and it has a another section for autoflowering. However, all seeds that you buy from ILGM will be ‘regular’ feminized seeds.


@bluntley420 I disagree with what you said.

Regular seeds and feminized seeds have differences about them. The biggest difference of regular seeds and feminized seeds is that regular seeds your not garunteed feminized seeds, 1/2 or less then 1/2 coups be male and the rest female or you can get lucky and get all females when coming down to regular seeds to help increase chances of females keep temps stable (77 degrees) and roughly 65-75% humidity) along with shorter light cycles can help this as well such as 16/8 or 14/10.

Feminized seeds on the other hand you have 0 chances for males regardless you can get a hermie which would be from being stress induced but when you see feminized that means no males.

@KRoNiK yes they should be all feminized plants

@Majiktoker I don’t believe I said that there are no differences between male & female plants. I simply tried to explain how the seed shop is set up.

I just wanted @KRoNiK to know that when he orders seeds from ILGM, he wouldn’t have to worry about receiving a bunch of non-feminized seeds. Thanks for your input!

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Actually @bluntley420 they do sell regular seeds (possibly male or female). Most seeds are Feminized, but not all

For Example; Durban Poison is only available as Regular Seeds.

@KRoNiK the Patriot Mix Pack contains

AK47 (FEM)
Sour Diesel (FEM)
Bubblegum (FEM)

So the Patriot is also all Feminized seeds.