Applying Diatomaceous earth to soil

Was having bugs eating leaves and found slug so got this is this ok like this

Used kitchen strainer

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You made a sand box…LOL

OK. It probably is just fine. FFR: I use a bit less. :slight_smile: Nice job. Remember also; DE contains a full range of minerals. Might want to give just water 2-3 times before applying nutrient solution.

Don’t worry. Good job.

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Ya, I would say that that will do the trick ok…ain’t nothing going to survive that Cash…lol

B Safe

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Ok cool looked like bit much will go little lighter next time

You might want to dust the leafs A LITTLE BIT lol. Try to keep it off the buds. I don’t think you will need to do the soil again.

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Iceberg … I have to tell you … your pics made me giggle. I think you just suffocated all the critters! When I use DE, I also dust the front and back of the leaves. Do you have a soft little brush you could use? After I dust the leaves, I gently shake the plant to disperse the DE and get rid of big clumps of the white stuff.

Your plants look lovely and happy!

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Thks will try brush also thought about ordering some ladybugs but was worried bout bringing plants in house when sun goes down and really don’t want to kill them after they have worked so hard at getting rid of other critters

Cannot use Ladybugs and DE. I tired Ladybugs a few years ago. A fact about Ladybugs. If you do not have enough pests for them to feed on; They leave your environment and go find food. FYI. :slight_smile:

Ok good to know saved me some money not that bad of a pest problem…thks