Anyone on here want to give their 2 cents on a strain reveiw?

Was wondering a few thoughts on these strains and if they are worth while! These are the ones that I am going to use for this grow.

  1. Golden Leaf
  2. Apple Jack
  3. AK47
  4. Girl Scout Cookies

@pickles I’ve grown and consumed GSC. As long as you don’t allow the trichomes to become too amber this strain can be uplifting, but it’s mosfly relaxing and happy. She tastes very sweet, with a mint finish. Literally as the name implies.
My experience growing this was enjoyable one. She appears very indica during veg, but when you flip the light schedule expect about 75% stretch, and a change in appearance to more sativa like. She’s remains nitrogen hungry even in flower. She is extremely potent, and will frost up amazingly the last three weeks of flowering. I had one that was ready at about the 65 day mark, but had a few more go to the 75 days. The yield was average, with the smallest was 70grams wet. The most was 109grams respectively. Highly recommended to low stress training, or super cropping which she responds well to increase yields.
This was my first grow, a more experienced grower probably would be able to yield more. Your growing conditions may also vary. I hope this helped. Happy growing.


Grew 3 ak47 last grow. They were my first grow & their very hardy forgiving plants. Yield is about average, got over two-three oz per plant. Downside is curing time. It takes about a month of burping before they have a good taste. Dont make brownies with them as they will still have a heavy taste. Also grew amnesia haze with large yield & they became more potent thru curing.


I just harvested my 3rd Gold Leaf and it’s a solid choice with it being a vigorous large plant with copious buds. It’s very potent evening meds.

I have a GSC-X in transition and my plant expressed sativa dominant traits with this phenotype immediately.

Another one to try is Sour Diesel.


Ive grow AK47 out door and love the high. Pretty energetic, kinda racey heart pounder if u smoke too much. Produced a bunch of nice long buds. It’s a classic in my opion, its stable bc its been around so long(everything from ILGM has been,fyi). It was a crazy dry summer and it wasnt easy to get to this garden and it did much better going dry then big bud. Was a light feeder in comparison too, but had no pest or mold issues, big bud and all the other strains had one or other or both, bc after the long dry summer fall hit us with rain and cold like a light switch.Easy to trim, great flower to leaf ratio , covered in red and dark orange hairs. Strawberry kush produced very simular this past summer in a mixed gorilla grow garden, and is the moat recent strain I’ve tried that was simular performance wise

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