Anyone know much about phenotypes?

Ive got a strain that is described to have a 8-9 week flower time and ive done my first run of clones off the mother 6 weeks from change of light cycle and they look ready brown pistils cloudy /amber tricones is it possible that its phenotype trait is fast flowering? Thanx in advance

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@Saffa If you could name the strain it might help to answer this. I have never seen a strain that was ready to harvest at 6 weeks of flowering?

Maybe post a pic, please?

Its the incredible bulk

do u think she might have abit longer to go?


She has many white pistils yet. You want mostly brownish/ reddish pistils and then look at the trichomes with a magnifier.

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Milky trichomes are mature

Amber trichomes are past maturity


i was struggling to get a good pic

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@Saffa Those are clear trichomes. With that many white pistils, they would have to be clear. My best guess is you have 2-3 weeks to go.


Algood thanx @bob31 she gets to live another day or shall i say a few more weeks :smile:

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definitely 2 weeks @saffa

Here this might help


Maybe this will help if you don’t have a good magnifier !
Look on the entire plant because you can see a spot where the trichomes are ready and the rest of the plant is not ready… So by patient and wait for her to finish properly. She locks yammy👍