Anyone have experience setting up drip irrigation

I’m trying to set up a drip irrigation set up for a coco set up. The thing is I have 2 grow tents a veg tent (2x4) and a flower tent (5x5) and a closet for cloning & seed starting with a t5 light. So I want to set up the drip irrigation but it would have to be a set up that would get moved in the plants difference life cycles . The plants would veg in the 2x4 and than get moved to the 5x5 for flower. If someone has done this before or knows anything about irrigation I’d greatly appreciate your input on the matter .

I use blumat carrots and a reservoir. Very easy to move as long as you add a shut off valve on the reservoir.

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I second this. I recently went away for 10 days and thanks to the blumat my plants were fine.

Ok yeah that’s what I’m trying to do is be able to go away for a long weekend. Essentially I’m gonna need to set it up with 2 separate reservoirs. 1 for the 2x4 tent which will be my veg tent and 1 reservoir for the flowering tent which is a 5x5. What size pots do y’all use with irrigation ?

I run one gallon pots.

Do you run a sea of green or do you grow regular size plants ?

Regular size plants.


Beautiful girls @BobbyDigital

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You don’t use a pump ? Just gravity?

Is that your uv lamp on the back wall? If so what is the light cycle?

I set up drip irrigation for my winter grow using a pump, digital timer and some tubing. It worked fine but required some fine-tuning periodically. Personally I found Autopots to be the most user-friendly way to grow.

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The blumats are just gravity fed

I use a drip system, and it works fine. But you need to be able to drain the run off, and the drip rings need to be at a higher elevation than the reservoir

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It’s on for 1 hour every 3 hours while lights are on.

Which auto pots do you use? And can auto pots be used if the veg tent is separate from the flowe tent?

I’ve also been considering auto pots

How often does your pump turn on? 2 min a day?

I want to set up something similar to yours but with two reservoirs one for the veg tent and one of the flower tent and I can just disconnect and reconnect when they get moved from veg tent to flower tent.

I was thinking about just getting a drip emitter kit, a digital timer and a reservoir and have it turn on a couple minutes a day. Is there a kit you bought or did you do what I was mentioning above?

That’s what I was gonna do. How many times a day does yours turn on? How would you suggest going about it in my case where I have a separate flower tent and veg tent?