Anyone growing in WA?

they are about to finally try and pass bill to legalize cultivation.

more support is required. you can sign petition here Petition · Ask WA Lawmakers to Support House Bill 2629 to Legalize Cannabis Cultivation ·

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Thought it already was, ??? H

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in 2015 there was a similar bill. but it did not make the ballot.

currently, i am guilty of offense punishable by 5 years federal prison. eek!

even though there is noone to prosecute such crimes. and i even have first hand knowledge from an active police officer, that they really dont give a shit.
i have appt. to get green card in couple days.

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Stay loowww key, ha ha

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We don’t even have medical marijuana in VA. Same sentence for cultivating … 5 years. I definitely fly under the radar when I grow my plants outdoors. The most important thing is to tell no one you’re growing … not even family or friends.

I was talking to my doctor about MMJ ever passing in this state, she said we would probably be one of the last states to legalize MMJ and may never legalize for recreational use.

It’s all just so crazy why is a pill that some tool gives you a script for ok and a naturally growing plant :seedling: is deamed dangerous?