Anybody visit a legal state and mail yourself some goodies?

Anybody visit a legal state and mail yourself some goodies?

Any advice?

I know friends who just bring stuff back in their luggage, a ton of it, and have no trouble. But I can’t do that. I’m a trouble magnet.


About 10 years ago a buddy use to mail me a QP from Colorado. Not exactly sure how he went about everything but it came vac sealed in the regular mail. Schetchy ik. :sweat_smile: i always preferred driving to legal state and driving back with whatcha needed.


Thanks, any bit of info helps.

I can’t drive there and back. I’m like Murphy’s Law, if it’s possible for me to get in trouble, I will get into all the possible trouble.


A good idea from a user I’ve gotten to call a friend around here… a good deal and mustard. No way any dog is smelling anything short of a pound of the funkiest inside a gallon of mustard.


Well. I was in San Francisco so I did it.

I walked into one of the million dispensaries and bought a load of goods and UPS-ed them to myself. Nothing fancy. I put the shopping bag with the goodies in the smallest box I bought at UPS (also super close to the dispensary). I didn’t do anything to hide it in any way. It’s been a few weeks since and I’m okay. No po po or undue attention. But it was gut wrenching.

I prefer to grow it at home. Less nerve wracking. And way cheaper. Though forget money! The plants I ended up growing were superior in quality and price.

The dispensary had a sale so I decided to give this smoking pens a try and I just can’t smoke them. I tried one. I just choke and cough non stop. I tried asking a few people and watching YouTube for advice on the inhale/exhale and I just couldn’t master it. So I have the pens just sitting in a drawer.

Ps. A lot of the people at the conference from out of state were also shipping or just flying with their goodies.

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