Any thoughts on these


Look good not to much longer

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Looking good…how long in flower stage? Get some closer pics of the buds and load them one at a time and we can zoom in easier to get a better look at the pistils and trichomes.


What happened to all the fan leaves?


He couldn’t wait. He smoked them. Lol


Haha :joy: :joy::joy::joy:

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Sry best i can do taking pics with cell phone from wheel chair.

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6 weeks unknow strain

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Looks maybe sativa from what I can tell from the leaves but goodlooking plants whatever it is. If you can load pics one at a time on here it make it easier for us to zoom in better. I take my pics with my cell phone also. Looks like your plants are doing good and happy. Looks like a lot of sugar on them…:sunglasses:
@Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 @Hogmaster

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My first indoor grow Finally legal here so i found theses seeds in a drawer have no idea were they came from or what kind .Loaded with sugar and nice dense buds just kinda charlie brownesk


I was wondering about that removed most because they were yellow buds are happy and healthy so people say to leave them alone .My first indoor grow vispectura 600 watt soil 6 or 7 weeks into flower.

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Well I agree with @Buck3
Buds are nice and sugary and over all healthy
I do have a question though
Second picture looks like plants are real thin and lacking vegetation
Did you remove the vegetation?
You may have had lights to far away in veg causing them to stretch ?


I’d say anywhere between now and then the next two weeks depending on if you want to fall asleep or not

yes they stretched and the leaves were turning yellow fast and i thought i read to remove yellow leaves .I t my first indoor grow unknown strain still learning but buds look happy


the struggle is real!

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Looks like a Crown Royal maybe GSC?

Next time top the hell out of them and keep them short and bushy… :wink:
No need to be so tall and lanky… :wink:
Also if all the leaves started turning yellow in the beginning it was because they were hungry or you were over watering… :wink:

Good vibes fellow cultivator… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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@peachfuzz all good advice
@Rexx it will get easier the more you grow
You did a good job for your first grow
Next run start a thread and tag a few of us so we can follow along and assist you if needed :+1:
You’ll be enjoying the fruit of your labor soon enough
If you have any questions about drying or curing
Let us knowđź‘Ť

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@Rexx If the fan leaves yellowed off that bad then you probably have one or more going on:
Not enough light
Not enough water
Not enough Nutrients

They are almost mature at 6-7 weeks of flowering, but I can say if you keep the fan leaves longer, those buds will get even bigger and fatter.

Great first grow and if you are interested I’m sure we could offer some ideas to make your future grows even better!

The goal would be to not let them die off in the first place. Some always do, but the plant should have most of the fan leaves intact at harvest!