Any opinions or advise

Hello, i am new to here and a first time grower. I am looking for opinions on what strain this is, how much longer should she grow, and should i be doing anything different


Rub the stem and tell us what it smells like and we can throw out a few dozen guesses, you look to have about 5-7 more weeks to finish


With variation of phenotype its impossible to tell by sight what particular strain you have there.
In example, I once grew 4 Bruce Banner autoflowers. Same order, same tent, same nutes same everything. One purple, two Green, and one speckled purple and green.

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This answer is in good standing from my beliefs as well.

One thing I would prep for is for those colas to gain weight & fall over. Bamboo stakes work awesome for support. Or you can toss a net over it.
In about 4-5 weeks they are going to need crutches to hold those nugs up. I am on week 4. I used bamboo.

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Couldnt tell u what strain it is but ur plant has seven weeks or more ro go

If i pull my hands throuhmght the buds it has a fruity smell muxh like juicy fruit chewing gum